On a Grey, Chilly Day

The weather has turned grey and chilly again, and when the weather is grey and chilly, my thoughts turn toward Starbucks…..don’t yours?   I love Seattle to the tips of my toes, but you just can’t spend much time there without fully understanding why Starbucks was born there.  Seriously—coffee is as necessary as air in the cool, grey, damp of the Northwest. 

Now, for me to reach the nearest Starbucks I have to walk a mile to the bus, which comes, like, four times a day, and go to Uxbridge.  The only coffee place in our wee village closes at 2:00, which is exactly the time I’m needing a latte.  So, as a way of remembering what life was like when there was a Starbucks on every corner, we’re going to have a little quiz, sort of a where are we in Starbucks-land.  There are no prizes this time, but let’s see if you can figure out where I took these pictures.  Ready?

This should be easy for all my kids—let’s see if any of them play along.  That there is son #1 Brett.

Next:  Here’s a gimme for the girlfriends 🙂

Okay, this is harder……

Here’s another one from the same general area.

Any guesses?

and the most recent (that’s a clue).

So, there’s a little insight into my psyche I suppose—-I take photo’s of Starbucks as if they were part of my family.  Geeesh.

So do you take photo’s of weird stuff (okay, not counting your knitting/spinning)?  What do you long for on a grey, chilly day?



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3 responses to “On a Grey, Chilly Day

  1. Linda

    OK, here are my guesses:
    Seattle area, maybe along that drive you like to take
    Estes Park, on the patio by the river
    some mall, maybe the mall closest to your new house?
    the next two maybe Windsor or London
    the last one is Egypt can’t remember Cairo or Alexandria

    How’d I do?

    I find myself taking pictures of the mountain on my way to work, also pictures from the doorway of Belle.

    Things I long for on grey days? A good book, knitting, and tea with my best friend.


      You did pretty good—-the first one is the original store at Pikes Place Market, the second is in Mill Creek Towne Center in WA, third is Paddington station and the first pounds I spent in London, 4th is in London on the #15 bus route (probably Oxford Street), the next one is Berlin and the last one is Alexandria, Egypt.

      I long for tea with my best freind too—BTW tea is on it’s way to you 🙂

  2. Liz

    Ok, I failed miserably on this quiz. The only one I knew/guessed was Alexandria but couldn’t place the London ones. (Although if you had Windsor on there I would have NAILED IT.)

    Weird thing I take photos of? Both Phil and I have taken pictures of nasty bruises/sports injuries. I just can’t bring myself to delete them even though they’re gross.

    What I long for on a grey/chilly day is normally A) a nap B) coffee and a chat C) a cozy living room with candles burning.

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