A Few Recent Discoveries

……….but still no photo’s (sorry).

Friday night Brad and I took the tube into Wembly, and ventured off to Ikea.  I love Ikea.  Since I first discovered Ikea in Seattle several years ago, I’ve been waiting and waiting for them to build in Colorado.  As luck would have it, Ikea IS building in Colorado—-and I’m not there.  So I was particularly thrilled to find out that there was an Ikea in Wembly, ’bout 5 miles from where we are staying (as the crow flies—which is to say, by the time you get on the tube, get off at the correct stop, and walk or bus to the store, it’s been roughly 45 minutes).  We were there for two reasons:  one, was dinner, and you’ll be happy to know that Swedish Meatballs are just as yummy over here * and two, to look for good ideas for the new home (more on that another time).  We had a great time, wore out our feets and fell into bed nice and tired. 

Saturday was a gorgeous summer day….probably the third or fourth we’ve seen since arriving, so we were determined to enjoy it.  We walked to the High Street, had ‘brunch’ at a little cafe and scored one of the sidewalk tables, went by the grocery store and then picked the big ripe blackberries along the sidewalk on the way back to the hotel.  After dropping off the groceries, we decided to tube into town and check out Harrod’s.

Now, Harrod’s is 6 levels of wonderful, and given enough time and fundage I’m sure I could have done some damage, but some things, well, they are just too much.  Take for instance the child sized, fully operational classic corvette, or if you’d rather, a Hummer.  A fossilized swordfish of sorts—beautiful, but shouldn’t it be in a museum somewhere?  Furnishings fit for a castle, and a rocking horse that any child would love—-only about $10,000.  Hungry?  There are two floors of food, deli’s, bakeries, and oh, the chocolate!  How ’bout a quick bite to eat?  Brad and I chose a 50’s style diner on the 4th floor.  Here are a few of the menu choices, all prices in GBP:  Mo’s Sampler Platter for 2–12.00;  Cobb Salad–14.50;  The Classic Hamburger with fries—13.50 (want cheese? 1.75, mushrooms or bacon? 1.75) ;  but my personal favorite???  Cincinnati Simple Dog (served plain on a bun) 12.50.  Add a Diet Coke and you’ve just spent over $25 .  Milkshakes were 7 pounds.

Eat before you go.  Just sayin’

After we were full of Harrod’s, my Starbucks homing device kicked in and found us a coffee right across the street, where we sipped and watched the world go by from the upper floor.  London is really a great place for people watching—not just because there are so many, but because of the variety.  The first night we were here, we took a walk through Hyde Park, not far from where we were staying at Paddington.  I think I could count on one hand the times we heard English spoken during our trek through the park.  It’s an amazing place.

Sunday, after we filled ourselves with breakfast in the hotel dining room, we moved back into our previous room and then headed to the tube station to go back to the Tower of London.  We had been there two weeks before, but it’s so interesting, you just can’t see it all in one two hour visit.  The day, once again was lovely, and we ate fish and chips outside, overlooking the Tower grounds.  This trip, we wandered around the Medieval Palace, home to Henry III and his son Edward I (if I remember correctly—had to get out my Ruler ruler to figure it out).  We will doubtless go back again.  When the Tower closed for the day, we sat in the shade beside the Thames and watched the people and tour boats go by.  It was a lovely evening.

Now I really must get it together and go take  test so I can drive (the car we don’t have, because we don’t have an address).


*I had read (from 2 sources) that meatballs can be called ‘faggots’ here in England.  I was very curious to see how Ikea handled that……..



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2 responses to “A Few Recent Discoveries

  1. Linda

    Gee…..Ikea, Tower of London, Harrod’s, High Street, and fresh berries. Too bad you aren’t having any fun at all.

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