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Lot’s going on here, and not sure where to start…….

If you’ve visited before, you know that a mid-week post from me these days is rare (heck, any post from me these days is rare).  Used to be a time when I was doggone faithful to the blog, I would write everyday, complete with theme days and so on.  Those were the days before the JOB.  Well my fine friends, those days have returned.  Yes indeed-y, I am once again living the life of a kept woman, a lady of leisure.  I finally reached critical mass at the JOB, realized that no amount of money was worth the stress and BS that I was putting up with and bailed.  The other realization that came over time was that I was doing precious little nursing, and a whole lot of administration type stuff—not at all what I became a nurse to do.  And so here I am, mid-week.

Not to say that the stress level has completely been eliminated—oh no.  Around the same time that I had had quite enough at the JOB, my wonderful hubby found out that he will be taking a turn in Iraq—a 6 month turn.  You may know that he has now been in the Air Force for some 28 years, and up until now, he has never had to deploy.  Well, his number finally came up, or more appropriately, his name came to the top of the list, and he will be leaving for training this coming Sunday morning.  All in all he will be away a good long time.

Now, you might be thinking, “what a lousy time to quit your job, what are you going to do?”  Well, at the top of the list is visit my children who live in another state (something that would have been a constant battle with my boss).  Then there’s camping and the wool festivals coming up.  Add to that my friend who will be opening a yarn store very soon and has been seducing me for months to come work for her, and I don’t think I’ll be bored. 

And so there has been knitting (Cambridge, and a cute sweater for myself, both in progress), and reading, and helping hubby get ready for his deployment (you would not believe the stuff he has been issued and is taking with him—it is all over our guestroom!)  Yesterday I went along with him to run errands, out-processing kind of stuff, and I managed to get quite a lot of knitting accomplished (I promise to get pictures up when things get done).

I hope I’ll get back in the groove here at the blog, I’ve missed you all.



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