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How does one begin……

……to write such a long overdue update?  It seems a bit foolish to give a play by play of three months gone by; photograph and narrate life since the last foray into blogland.  Just now, I think I’ve come up with an idea, and it is all about random thoughts, with perhaps some recent history and knitting thrown in for good measure. 

Random thought number one:  What is so #$%^&* intriguing about the bathroom.  Each and every time I enter the little powder room, the cat either follows me in, or meows at the door, reaching his paw underneath to rattle it in it’s frame.  Does he think there will be room on my lap for a cuddle?  Does he think there’s another way out, or that I’ll be abducted by aliens?  Geesh.  I thought Stephanie’s post from the bath was spot on—-but what is it with cats?

2.  Why is it that when I have a day off and am home in the morning, Jake thinks he needs breakfast?  The dogs never get breakfast.  Jake hasn’t had breakfast since he was a wee pup some 10 years ago.  This morning he would NOT let me be until I got him a small bit of kibble—now he’s happy and content. 

3.  Who, in the name of all things woolly, would WANT to be president?  Seriously.  First, all the mud slinging and microscopic examination of everything you have EVER said or done, or thought or inferred.  Then, well you might as well paint a target on yourself.  Phone rings in the middle of the night?  Beyond fear for your family, you know it can’t be good news.  I think we really must question the mental health of anyone who wants that job. 

4.  Global warming.  If (which I have trouble believing) it’s all our fault, -32can we please direct some of the warming toward Colorado?  The kids were here for Christmas and it didn’t get above 20 degrees the whole time they were here——plenty of sunshine, but a deep freeze nonetheless.  The day they drove up to ski??  -32 on the way, -5 when they hit the lift.  (yes, I understand that many of you are much colder than that, but I just don’t enjoy the drive to work in negative temperatures—-which also makes me emphatically state: I will never again buy a car that doesn’t have heated seats).  I am beginning to fear I will never be warm again. 

5.  Copyright.  I understand the importance of protecting intellectual property, but sometimes it just becomes absurd.  Case in point:  Many of you know that for the last several years I have attended a nice little knitting retreat in Washington, which for 11 or so years was called Camp Knitaway.  Nice name, summed things up well.  Sometime in the last year, someone apart from our cozy little camp decided she had coined the term “knitaway” and we would be no longer be permitted to use it.  Rather than  enter the legal arena, the camp sponsors changed the name (side note—my clever mother-in-law suggested we just spell it backwards, so camp this year will be Yawatink).  My thought is this: please.  Who is harmed by 40 women in a rather rural section of this large country using a name that they had been using for 10 or more years, and who’s to say they didn’t come up with it first?  Clearly, each party came up with the idea independently.  Give me a break.

6.  I am thinking hard about getting a new digital camera.  Leaning toward an SLR, but still like the idea of a small, tuck in your purse or pocket camera.  I want the flexibility that a SLR would give me, but would it be overkill?  I keep thinking there must be a way to make a little cash from photography (very small scale, keep your day job kinda cash), but I want good equipment.  Suggestions?

7.  Common sense is not at all common.  Enough said.

cambridge8.  The has been renewed interest in the Cambridge sweater that was begun quite some time ago for my son Alex.  I can’t remember if I went into any of the details way back when, but Alex decided he would really like it better if instead of being a cardigan, it had just a 1/4 zipper at the neck.  So the project was restarted in the round.  I’ve knit it up as far as the armholes, split it for front and back and have nearly finished the back.  Now, what I’m wondering is this:  where to split the two fronts for the zipper, and can I just get away with knitting on and sewing in the zipper without any fancy stitch addition?  What might happen if I line the collar and neck “facing” with polar fleece type fabric?  Has anybody tried that?  I should probably check Ravelry, huh.?.

9.  Handspun, mentioned in the last post (scroll down if you’ve forgotten) turned into these:


which became a much loved accessory for Brett’s darling girlfriend, Cora.

I think that’s about enough for today—-too many random thoughts may lead to a headache.  I’ll go try to keep warm and do some knitting.



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