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Deepest Thanks :)

Once again, I’ve been reminded that it’s been a little bit since an update—-not as long as the last laps of course, but an update is in order following my plea from last time.  First off, thank you from the bottom of my pancreas (medical joke, sorry) for your generosity in donating to the Step Out event. 

 team knitnurse

Our little team earned over $700, mostly at the last minute, and largely because of you.  Our ‘team’ consisted of 11, counting the very charming children of my colleagues, the Bakers.  We had a great time, the weather was perfect and the zoo was a perfect venue. 

We have been extraordinarily busy around here.  The same weekend that we had the Step Out event we had the annual “dining out” for Brad’s department, keeping us out rather late the evening before the walk.  After the walk, we had another social thing with the department, and by Sunday, we were just done.  Monday brought a visit from my uncle, who has never been to visit—-even when I lived in the same county.  We had a nice visit with he and his girlfriend, a break on their way to Texas.  The following week at work was among the worst I can remember—-I was way too busy, working through lunches and staying late and feeling completely overwhelmed. 

That made my escape to Boulder all the sweeter.  Last week at this time I was driving north to attend a one day seminar on diabetes, for work.  I checked into a lovely room at the Marriott around 2:30, and then headed out to do some tourist-y stuff. 

 tea shop

I began with the Celestial Seasonings (factory??) Tea Shop.  I had missed the last tour of the day, but the fabulous tea shop was still open, so I did some shopping.


From there, I took the opportunity to go on up to Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes (anybody surprised??).  I got into the park right before dusk, perfect for elk-ing 🙂



 (this is the hood of my car—-I was outside the car leaning on the passenger side)

Back at the hotel, I enjoyed a gourmet meal (slimfast and string cheese) and settled into the huge bed to watch the Rockies game.  I didn’t last until the end (I finally turned off the telly with the score at 6-1, after falling asleep about three times), but I will say, it’s been exciting around here……………….and with the season the Bronco’s have been having…………………….well, ’nuff said.  We are definitely looking forward the the series. 

After the seminar—which was excellent—I swung by Shuttles, Spindles and Skeins before heading home.  I picked up a plying head for the Lendrum, and  couple skeins of Koigu for a pair of Cat Bordhi’s fancy Coriolis socks.  Knitting progress has been painfully slow, I’m not sure what has happened to my motivation.  I’m not sure when I last did any knitting, matter of fact.  Perhaps I should do something about that today.  Or spinning—-the last bit of spinning net me something like 450 yards of 3 ply vanilla colored bond/corriedale wool. 


I have another 8oz of bond/corridale in a gorgeous chocolate color.  When knit with the vanilla, I am seeing fair isle (perhaps thrummed) mittens. 


Better get moving; I want to get on the treadmill before I dash out the door to run a few errands and get a haircut.



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Let’s see if I remember how this works……

I’m interrupting my blogging hiatus to shamelessly ask for help—–but first, a quick rundown of what has been going on around here.

When last we met, I had just come back from Estes Park and was getting ready to head to the homeland for vacation.  In a word, it was marvelous.  We began with 3 days at the beach with the boys, in a condo/townhouse/hotel thing close enough to the sea to hear the waves crashing. 

boys on the beach 

The weather was fairly typical for Western Washingtonin early July, overcast and on the cool side.  But it could have rained for all I cared, there is something so wonderful and restorative about the ocean.  Just down the peninsula is where Louis and Clark first set eyes on the Pacific Ocean

 Cape Disappointment

Had a blast.  Found a hundred bucks on the ground (okay, be honest: how many of you just said “yarn money!” ?).

From there, we went to the Seattle area, where the weather turned gorgeous and we had the expected amount of fun staying at Brett and Cora’s, and the Lake.  (since this is a quick wrap up, we’ll skip the blow by blow, okay?)

We got back home on Monday July 16th, and I had surgery scheduled for the 20th.  Bright and early I showed up to be relieved of my non-functioning gallbladder, and went home around 2 that afternoon.  All went well, with the exception of a pretty nasty burn from a cautery—seems I had a stubborn little artery that wouldn’t quit bleeding so the doc had to fry the beejeebers out of it, and me as well.  Took about 2 months, but it is pretty much okay now.  August and September are a blur, save the fond memory of another weekend in Estes Park, this time for ScotFest. 

On the knitting front—-remember this??? 

Leo's Sweater

It will be a bit before it fits dear Leo, but it turned out darling.  The pink baby blanket is in time out—-I am so sick of pick garter stitch, I’ve started a sweater for the little gal that will probably be done in a few days (wish me luck, I’m kinda making it up using numbers from a Debbie Bliss book, but winging it for the most part).  There is another baby to knit for; one of the medical techs in my office is having a baby boy in January, and I’m thinking it might be nice to have something done BEFORE the infant arrives (for a change).  The Fair Isle Cardi made an appearance recently, but has again been replace by more time sensitive items.

Work is………………..well……  Enough said.

And now the shameless plea for help I was talking about earlier.  If this is a repeat visit, you’ll no doubt remember that I was diagnosed with diabetes last spring.  I’m doing really well, lost nearly 20 lbs and keeping my blood sugar pretty controlled.  Trouble is, there are about 21 MILLION Americans that are also struggling with this disease.  Here’s where you come in.  This coming Saturday, October 6th, I, along with several friends are participating in the Step Out to Fight Diabetes event, here in Colorado Springs (there are different events on different days in other parts of the country).  I have formed a team, TEAM KNITNURSE, and have tried my best to do some fund-raising by email.  I’ve had 1 response (thank you Jeannie 🙂 ).  If you are at all inclined to support this great cause, if someone you know has been touched by diabetes and you can spare a buck or two……..well, I would be profoundly grateful.  Time and time again I’ve seen our knitting/blogging community support great causes; over and over we give of ourselves to make a better world for those we care about.  If you’d like to help, here is the link. Thank you in advance for your generosity—-

Now, back to the baby sweater 🙂  


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