It’s about time……

…….to do something about the blog.  There are many excuses reasons I could site for being so long absent, and I may share a couple.  But the fact remains I’ve been away too long and I miss hearing from you all.   My friend Ellen chastised me the other day for not updating the blog and I told her that one of my reasons for not doing so was that I didn’t want it to turn into a “bitchfest” with me whining about my current health issues. 

I was again chastised. 

… like I said nearly two months ago now, for the time being, the blog is what it is.

Reason number one that I’ve been away is that almost every spare minute I’ve had since my diagnosis 2 months ago has been spent reading up on what it is that I’ve been challenged with.  I’m a believer that knowledge is power, and the more we can learn about a particular thing, the less scary it is and the more “in control” we can be.  Thus, I’ve read quite a bit about diabetes (and when I’ve had all I can take of that, I’ve been spending time again in Middle Earth).  Here’s some of what I’m learning:  First,there’s a lot to learn and know.  A trip to Borders is a mind boggling thing when I look at the shelves full of books about diabetes.  Some are excellent resources, others bunk, but the mind reels nonetheless.  So far, my favorites are Diabetes for Dummies (which was the first thing I bought) and my new favorite has a title that takes up the whole front cover but in short is called The First Year.  I am recommending both to my patients.    Second,doing everything right does not necessarily mean you will get a perfect outcome.  This is a complex disease, and there are too many variables to count.  Some days are good, some days are not, and it’s hard to predict which will be which.    Third, that even though I am a nurse, I have a basic understanding of many disease processes, having something myself has brought a whole new level of understanding.  Along the same lines, I have a new compassion for my diabetic patients, and now understand why so many just give up, becoming noncompliant (as we label them in the field).  This is not an easy thing to have, it takes much thought and planning everyday.  Unlike other serious illnesses, it does not go away (I’ll pause here to say that with excellent diet control and significant weight loss, there are some people who do not require medication, but they still have diabetes, short of divine intervention).  Diabetes, for me, has been a life changing event.  It is something I go to bed thinking about, I wake up thinking about, and have in the back of my mind throughout the day.  I’m trusting that soon I won’f have to use so much of my conscious mind to keep things in control, but for now, I just don’t know a better way. 

On to other things.

The Moderne Log Cabin baby blanket is coming along, but I must say I am really getting tired of pink cotton and garter stitch.  I was going along fine, working on it until I was sick of looking at pink, and then working on something else for a while, but the intended recipient chose to make her debut about 3 weeks ahead of schedule, and now I’m guilt ridden that it is unfinished and unable to pick up anything else.  I reminded myself that this is precisely why I vowed to give up deadline knitting.  Add to that, there is still the sweater(I’m in the middle of the intarsia star—-and reminded that I hate intarsia), and there are now two more wee bairns expected at the office; one in July and one sometime late this year or early next.  If I knit for them, it’s booties, baby.  I can’t wait to give my hands a break from cotton.  I’ve bought some fantastic yarn lately, that I can’t wait to do something with.  So far I’ve been able to ward off startitis, but it’s knocking at the door.  I have two yarns that I bought just to swatch with: Misty Alpaca Chunky in charcoal for an Einstein, and Kathmandu Aran in grey for the Notre Dame sweater in the spring edition of Interweave KnitsOn a whim, I bought two hanks of Mountain Colors, Mountain Goat in a colorway called Glacier Teal. 

It was an impulse purchase—-just couldn’t put it down, the color is so rich, but I had no idea what to do with it when I bought it (not like me).  I’m thinking perhaps of a Clapotis??  I have something like 500 yards.  Any ideas? 

The new spinning wheel and I are bonding—-I finally had the brilliant idea to use a fiber that I was already well acquainted with, and knew how it behaved to learn the new wheel.   Okay, so I was a little slow to figure that out 😦  Anyway…..the wheel is spinning beautifully, it has the most comforting whir, and I love everything about it.  While the Lendrum is playing around with the mystery fiber that I brought home from Estes last year, the little Ashford is spinning up my “birthday fiber.” 

Speaking of Estes… is just two weeks away!  I can’t wait!  I’ve had my camping reservations for some time, Brad has his fishing gear ready to go, and I have money in the checkbook—-the benefit of having a job.  Lot’s of the girls from the knitgroup are going up and sharing a condo—we are planning a cookout at our campsite for Saturday night.  We even figured out if I could eat s’mores.  It looks like it will be a great time, again.

Vacation plans have been made—-the annual trip to the homeland is fast approaching.  We decided to try something different this time, flying into Portland, Oregon, renting a car and heading first to Longbeach for a few days.  I’ve reserved a three bedroom beachfront condo so the kids can meet us there, and then we’ll head to the Seattle area.  In addition to a couple days at the lake, we’ll celebrate a 95th birthday and take in the annual family picnic.  We’ll get to meet the newest family member, Leonardo (born in Australia—-must finish the sweater, must finish the sweater….) and enjoy some fresh raspberries off the farm.  If we’re really lucky, we might have time for some sailing 🙂

Now, I’d better get back to the blessed baby blanket, before the child is walking.



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7 responses to “It’s about time……

  1. It’s so good to hear from you. I’ve been thinking about you as Estes approaches and I hope we can spend some time together!

  2. It is great to see a post from you again! I’m getting awfully excited for Estes myself! I presume there will be another blogger meet-up so I’ll see you there!

  3. Lisa,

    I’m so proud of you finally updating your blog. I know it must have been a difficult thing to talk about your recent “developments”.
    Looks like I can stop beating you with a wet noodle for a new blog update, at least for a while. 😉

    ~ Ellen

  4. I’m so glad to hear from you!! And I’m looking forward to meeting you at Estes.

    I can really, really relate to what you’re going through right now. It sounds an awful lot like when I was first diagnosed with celiac disease – the amount of information I needed to know was really overwhelming. The first time I tried to shop for groceries after diagnosis, I abandoned my cart in the middle of the store and left in tears. Ten years later, it’s second nature – just a different way of looking at the world of food. I am sure that, with time and experience, you will grow into understanding and it will feel less overwhelming.

  5. The HgbA1C demands that one NOT give up. While some control is taken from you when you have diabetes, there is much that you can. You are being very smart.

    Estes! S’mores! Campfire picnics! Sounds wonderful.

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  7. Rimrock Annie

    Life happens so fast. I’m happy to hear you’ve grabbed the bull by the horns and are having your say right now. I think that first year is the hardest. I have a few dear friends that have diabetes and I’m just amazed at how well they do. They are active and busy people. Once you understand every nuaunce and beat it to death, you will relax. It’s a change in lifestyle, not a death sentence. and working helps. Good to see the blog back. Keep it up. Let us know how you are doing. We are here for you.

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