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It’s somewhat hard for me to believe that this use to be a daily activity for me……..but nonetheless, here I am, again trying to catch up.  I so appreciate you all stopping in to say hi, and I love reading your blogs as often as I can.  I was about to say, that I’m having trouble sitting down to write (but you all know that) and I could appologize, but in this community that hardly seems necessary.  For now, the blog is what it is.Several of you have commented that you hope I’m feeling better, that tests came back good and so on.  I have had some correspondence with a few of you, but  to fill you all in, I have been recently diagnosed with diabetes.  Now I know, this is not the worst thing that could happen, some of you live with the same disease, more of you know someone who does; it is by no means a death sentence.  What it has meant for me though, is a completely new way of thinking.  Figuring out what to eat has become another part time job, and keeping it all together has required some real effort.  I had none of the classic symptoms (excessive thirst, running to the bathroom all the time, and so on), only fatigue, which I attributed to an underactive thyroid, and weight gain which I attributed to just being lazy.  In retrospect, I had several symptoms, though they were easy to miss—the most glaring is a triglyceride level that was sky high and refused to come down.  Suffice it to say, though we caught it before it was out of control and still in the early stages, I’ve probably been diabetic for 5 or more years.  More than 20 million Americans have diabetes, and at least 6 million more probably are walking around undiagnosed.  (allow me to preach for a moment)  If you have not had a fasting blood glucose level checked recently, PLEASE DO.  Left too long, diabetes can cause serious health problems, not the least of which are kidney failure and heart disease.    About the same time I was having lab work done, the provider I work for decided it might be a good idea to have an ultrasound of my liver (I had some funky values on my liver lab work)—-what we weren’t counting on was finding my gallbaldder chok full of stones.  Once again I had been able to attribute my vague symptoms to something else.  I’ve seen the surgeon, and since I’m not yet writhing on the floor in agony, having it removed is an elective procedure.  I’m seeing another surgeon tomorrow for a second opinion, but I’m leaning toward having it taken care of before it becomes a problem at some inconvenient time.  Any opinions???Now, on to happy thoughts. 

The Lendrum has arrived, and it spins beautifully.  It is lovely to look at, has a nice solid feel and I’m loving it.  We are still in the honeymoon phase, but once we bond, it my be my favorite wheel.  I’m having a bit of trouble getting just the right amount of twist with my merino combed top—it wants to fall apart easily, but I’m getting better.  Could be it is just a difficult fiber, but I keep plugging away at it.  Any of you with Lendrums, have you had trouble with fine combed roving? 

I have three new projects on the needles since last I checked in.  First, MJ gave me this gorgeous mohair/wool blend yarn for my birthday (turns out MJ is allergic to mohair).  I immediatley cast on a simple garter stitch triangle shawl.  I’ve about used half of the yarn, and it’s coming along nicely. 

This weekend I went shopping with Kirsten, and picked up some cotton for a baby blanket for my collegue at work (I think I might have mentioned this before).  I’m doing the modern log cabin form this book, in very baby girlie colors (per Simons request).  It is cast on, and just started.

While I was in the store, it occured to me that I had not knit anything for our new grand-nephew, born a couple weeks ago.  (Is it grand, or great when your neice has a baby??  I never get it right..)  He will be getting the sweater on the cover of this book.   One sleeve is nearly done. 

The fair isle is languishing in the basket, not forgotten, but taking a time out.  It is meant as a long term, epic knit, and, well, there are babies to knit for.

In other big news—-the Yarn Harlot finally made it to
Denver, and some of our merry band ventured to the Tattered Cover to see and hear her.  What a blast!  Just five of us went, but joined the nearly 200 there to see Stephanie and pick up a book or two.  Stephanie was very funny, and was a real trooper to sit and sign soooooo many books.  We were among the last in line and she was gracious and kind and warm and altogether wonderful.  It was a real treat.   Here we are, all together.

(that’s Kirsten, Linda, Ellen, Chery and me, with everyone’s favorite Harlot  🙂 )

Now, I need to get some knitting done, before I get on the treadmill, get cleaned up and off to run errands.  I’m hoping to get the sleeve finished up and cast on the back (or another sleeve).  Maybe I can even spin a little.  Hope you are all well—-have a great week.

Oh, by the way—-

Park Wool Market is coming up.  Whose comin’????



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