Once upon a time…..

…..a long, long time ago,* this was a daily-type blog, with a small, but ever so faithful following.  Now, well now there’s a job, and everything that goes along with that—–positive and negative.  Not to complain, mind you, I quite like my job (on most days); it pays pretty good, and the hours suit me.   But, after sitting in front of a computer for the better part of the day and trying my darndest to meet the needs of all my patients (and some who aren’t mine), my brain is fairly used up at the end of the day.  As for days off, well, they get spent doing things that haven’t gotten done during the week, and stuff like getting haircuts and seeing the chiropractor and such.  Time goes by and…….well, here it is the end of March.

It’s not like nothing has happened either.  I mean, I have lots and lots to talk about.  The problem now is how to do it.  To continue on in this conversational tone will take longer than I have to write (and way longer than anybody will want to read).  I guess I’ll start where I left off and see what happens.

In our last episode, I was washing up nice fresh skeins of handspun mystery wool.  These I took, along with a few other goodies, for the gift exchange at Camp Knitaway.  Here is a quick rundown:

—3-8:  arrived in Seattle rather late and was met by son number 2, Alex.  Headed North to his cute new apartment, stopping for a quick bite to eat and a nightcap at one of his favorite bar-type places.

—3-9:  Alex drives me up to Camp, after having coffee, picking up some camp type provisions and checking in with son number 1 Brett.  I arrived at camp, got checked in, sweet Alex schlepped all my crappola to the room and left after delivering hugs to me and his grandmother (who I go to camp with—–I really must tell you sometime about my nutty other mother-in-law, what a hoot).  The afternoon was spent putting together afghans for Camp Brotherhood.  In the evening, it was the gift exchange and altogether good time.  About this time, the tickly cough I had had since Christmas started to get really annoying. 

—3-10:  We have breakfast and meet our teacher, Bev Galeskas of FiberTrends, who begins to walk us through the proper construction of a penguin.  Very cute and fun to do.  In the evening it’s show and tell, which though very cool, goes on and on while I try not to cough. 

—3-11:  More work on the penguins (people got really silly as the bodies of these critters started to get finished)

In the afternoon it was time to go.  Alex met up with me at the cabin and we headed south again, meeting up with some of the posse for coffee (posse: the group of young people that hang out with my boys—there are quite a few). I was informed that there would be cocktails and debriefing later in the evening.  Picked up my mom, went to dinner with her, Alex, Brett and Cora—grandpuppy stayed in the car. 

9pm or so, Brett and I made a stop for cough syrup and other necessary supplies given that I am of a certain age and have had two children and I’m coughing like mad—–you get my drift?  Met up with the group at the same little bar that I had gone to with Alex a couple nights earlier.  Began what ended up as a bit of a pub crawl, ending the evening (sometime around 2) winning at blackjack and sipping scotch to calm the cough. 

—3-12:  Realized that this cough was not good, took myself to the doctor I use to work for and got some antibiotics  (bronchitis)  Hung out with Brett and Cora, had dinner with Mom.

—3-13:  Alex took me to the airport, I put my sick body on the plane and tried not to cough on my neighbors.

—3-14:  Back to work.  Honestly, I don’t think I did anything that week except work (cough) and sleep. 

Moving along now, March 17th was Brad’s birthday—-I bought him waders which he was ever so anxious to try out, and we bought another little digital camera.  The day was gorgeous, near 70 and we had a nice drive to a fishing spot that Brad couldn’t remember how to get to.  Probably a good thing, since in all his excitement to try the waders, he forgot to pack his fishing pole.  Still, we had a great time.

Sometime in the following week, I finished the penguin—

—3-23:  We packed up the camper and headed to Rocky Mountain National Park, near Estes Park.  If you have been checking in long, you know by now it’s one of my favorite places.  We set up camp with sleet falling and woke up Saturday morning to snow…


…heavy wet snow, falling fast and serious.  (see the coyotes???)  We stayed snug and warm in our camper 🙂  About 9 we headed into town for some breakfast, and then on to Boulder to meet up with the girls from the knit group who were on a yarn crawl.  Shuttles, Spindles and Skeins was good fun, as many of you probably know.  I bought some pretty merino roving, and a Lantern Moon basket. 


A couple of the girls bought another “ball” of roving for MY BIRTHDAY; they were trying so hard to be sneaky, but the roving kept disappearing from my basket, and Kirsten kept coming up with weird excuses why she needed to see my roving, and so they weren’t really able to surprise me like they’d hoped—-sorry girls.  We had a nice lunch at a local cafe, and then the girls headed south and we did some shopping and went back to the camper.

We actually got to stay up there until Monday—-when we headed home and stopped by the Schacht factory.  Long story short, we ended up getting a personal tour of the manufacturing facilty, from one of the owners.  If you are ever in Boulder, and you have the time, go for it.  It was so fun.  You might want to give them a call so they will know you’re coming. 

In rather big news, Brad bought me a new wheel for my birthday, a folding Lendrum.  (like Emmylou, right Margene??)  It is still in transit, but I’m really excited.  I’ve been thinking about a portable wheel for a while, and I got to spin on my mother-in-laws Lendrum at camp.  I was really impressed with the way it worked, so now I will have one of my one.  I really think I will be saving up for a Schacht wheel too—-talk about yummy.

So now we’re up to date.  This week I have been dealing with what will likely be some life(style)changing medical issues, still waiting on some tests.  I have to tell you, medical professionals are the worst when it comes to taking care of themselves.   I wonder if it’s denial, or perhaps the old “ignorance is bliss” mindset.  Whatever it is, denial nor ignorance is no longer a prudent choice.  ‘Nuff said.

Until next time………..one more 🙂

*this is the way my mother always begins a story—-whether it’s in the book or not.  It always ends with “and they lived happily ever after.”



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6 responses to “Once upon a time…..

  1. Wow, so much to comment on! 🙂

    The penguin is adorable! I hope you are on the mend. The roving choices were also great. Happy Birthday!

  2. It’s nice to finally catch up on your life. I saw the coyotes immediately…what a thrill (at least from where I’m sitting).
    I really love my Lendrum and as everyone says, it’s a work horse and does so much.
    Thanks for checking in and let us know who you’re doing. Oh and we ALL have that bit of denial…who really wants to eat well and exercise? Bleh.

  3. Whew! I think I need a nap. 🙂 Belated happy birthday! And that penguin is adorable. Hope you’re feeling better??

  4. Well, it’s still a nice update. 🙂 I hope that your tests come back clean and what you are worried about does not happen to be true.

    As for the Lendrum, yay!

  5. I love that penguin. Hope the health stuff isn’t nasty.

    Schacht rocks. Yes. I have never regretted mine for an instant.

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