Miss Me???

There is nothing quite so splendid as a day off, in an empty house.  No questions, no expectations, just hours to sit and knit, catch up on TiVo or read before slipping into a nap.  Weekends are nice, but a weekday home is heavenly……especially when one has so recently given up countless quiet days to do something else.  You’ve probably all given up on me by now and I’m talking to myself, but so be it—-I enjoy my own company, after all.

The job that has taken me away from the blogisphere lately is settling in a bit better.  I think I might have said before, that for me, anyway, some things are just better learned while doing them.  That has been what I’ve been doing—-taking phone calls, talking to patients, answering questions and bumbling my way through a windows based charting systems coupled with a DOS scheduling system, (Remember DOS? Yikes).  The good news is that I’m slowly getting the hang of things, the bad news is that there was a HUGE misunderstanding (bordering on deception and sneakiness) in regards to what I would be paid, and I’m actually only getting about 80% of what I was expecting.  When this came to light last week, I was left with the decision to stay or quit, which of course brought about some serious evaluation, and adjustment to my thinking.  I’ve decided to stay, for the time being anyway, given the fact that the pay is reasonable for what I’m doing, that is is more than I earn sitting at home knitting or spinning, and that the extra income is awful nice.  I could lodge a formal complaint, but after thinking it through, I’ve discovered that it would not in any way affect my paycheck, and would land my immediate supervisor in hot water.   As she was every bit as shocked as I was over the pay issue, and I really truly like her, I don’t think that is something I want to do.  I have, however, let the budget guy know, in no uncertain terms that what happened was deceptive and not at all clear, and that I thought it undermined his integrity.  He either was really truly sorry, or should be nominated for an Oscar.  Nuff said.

There has been knitting, albeit not as pervasive as once was.  There have been occasions when I’ve been able to knit through a particularly useless meeting or two, but mostly I’ve worked on simple yet engaging Lady Eleanor in the evenings in front of the telly, or the Fair Isle sweater on Saturdays with the girls.  Lady E is nearing completion, I’m about to join the final ball of yarn.  I’ve really been anxious to get it finished and blocked, I can’t wait to swing it over my shoulders for a bit of warmth.  I’m still thinking about how to finish it off–whether to use the fancy fringe that the pattern suggests (lovely, but a little fussy for me, I think) or another edging.  I’ll be thinking on it as I knit up the last of the yarn. 

 As far as the Fair Isle goes, I’m also contemplating a variation in the pattern.  Take a peak at the picture here.  See the bands of orange and green checkerboard???  Not diggin’ them.  I’m playing with the idea of substituting neutral checkerboard bands instead, perhaps browns and cream.  I don’t think it would affect the overall color progression, but it would tone it down a bit.  Any thoughts???  I’ve got three more rounds to make a decision.

On a really happy note, I’ve sent in my registration for this years Camp Knitaway.  I can hardly wait!!!  I’ve scheduled the time off, bought my plane tickets and I’m looking forward to spending a weekend knitting with my Camp buddies.  You can read a review of last years adventure here, (scroll down).

Last, but not least, Tomorrow is my one year blogiversary!  I know, I’ve tapered off quite a bit over the last few months…….but I am so thankful for the experience, for the “friends” I’ve made in this blogging community, and for everything good that you add to my life.  Thank you.

And now I’m off to knit, eat Superbowl leftovers and enjoy the day—-



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12 responses to “Miss Me???

  1. I have missed you! So glad you are checking in. That just sucks about the budget guys deception. Hope he will learn that you aren’t to be messed with.
    The knitting is looking great! On the FI project I don’t think cream and brown are quite the answer. Maybe cream and soft color, but a color nonetheless. Have fun and don’t be away so long.

  2. Happy blogiversary!! I’m glad to hear that work is going better, but that totally sucks about the pay. 😦

    Lady E looks great!

  3. Love the Lady E. The colors are so soothing. I’d be ticked about the pay but glad you like your supervisor which might make it worth staying. You can always get some yarn therapy to comfort your disappointment!!!

  4. Hey, glad to see you back. Your projects look great!


  5. I’m sorry to hear you had some pay issues. That is always a hard one to deal with. I’m still here, just figuring you were getting settled into the new routine.

  6. Oh wow your Lady E. looks wonderful, love the colors!!

  7. Ellen

    Your Lady E is absolutely spectacular! I’m sorry to hear that there are some issues with your salary. That’s a major bummer. Hopefully you’ll still enjoy your work and it will be worthwhile.

  8. MJ

    Welcome back!
    Happy Blogiversary!!
    Lady E is lookin good – in the final stretch!!

  9. Melissa G

    Glad you’re still posting and congrats on your blogiversary. The sixth is special to me as well–perhaps that’s why (among other reasons) I enjoy reading your blog so much. And, your Lady E looks WARM and snuggly–very key this winter!

  10. Angela the Great

    Wow, is that a blanket draped over the couch… That is Beautiful!!! Glad to hear your working now!

  11. Angela the Great

    Wow, is that a blanket draped over the couch (Lady E)… That is Beautiful!!! Glad to hear your working now!

  12. First, happy blogiversary! Seems like you’ve been around for longer than that.

    I shake my head in wonder at the salary issues. That’s a big gap. We have similar hard heads were I work, and there would be no recourse here, either.

    I still use a DOS database program at home. Works beautifully. A little weird, but works.

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