Swatching, swearing and security…..perhaps not in that order.

The planets must have aligned just so, such that I headed off to work this morning, ’round about the time I’m usually contemplating getting up and looking for coffee.  Let no one suggest that this new schedule will take getting used to—-I know.   Anyhow, I got myself to the proper office, with the proper documents and sat through a couple hours of information and an official swearing in.  Believe it or not, each of us in the room took the very same oath of office as our president takes, the same as a newly minted military officer takes and the same one I heard Ahnald take last week on the telly.  Who knew? 

After that it was off to the clinic with the other three that have been in a holding pattern for months.  We were greeted with enthusiasam and given more to do—-new name badges and such.  At noon, we were released to go home and work through the stack of paperwork that’s required—-not just a simple W-4 and hear ya go, no sir-ee, there are pages of payrole paperwork, and a whole packet of paperwork for a security clearance.  Thank God I only have to go back 5 years, no telling how long it would take.  One of the blocks I needed to fill out was to list 3 people who know me well, people who are not related and that I hadn’t already used as references on other parts of the form.  It was unbelievably hard; to think of people who know me well.  How well?  For how long?  Under what circumstances?  I came up with the first one pretty easy, the second required a long distance phone call to my lifelong friend in Washington (I don’t remember a time when I didn’t know Eric), and I’m still muddling over a third, waiting for a couple phone calls.  When you’re married to the military, and move every few years, long term relationships are rare, and the neighbor that knew me well in 1997 has moved to the Midwest, and the folks I went to college with are God knows where.  You just have to pray that the people you choose love you and won’t tell the nice man in the black suit that you sell rocket launchers out of your garage or something.

Enough of that.

Over the weekend, the knit group met at our pal Ellen’s for knitting and tea (proper tea, with scones and clotted cream and dainty sandwiches).  Ellen knows her way around a kitchen and she really outdid herself—-we all had a blast. For a more complete documenting of the day, check in with MJ.  I worked on Lady Eleanor, and then started swatching for the Fair Isle knit along we’re kicking off this Saturday.  After a quick bath, it looks like I’m getting gauge, or damn close anyway.  Now to decide which size to cast on.  The pattern gives directions for 36″ 40″ 44″…….but what I’d like is 42″.  I’m trying to decide whether to do the 40 or 44 and risk a poor fit, or figure out how to do a 42 and have the pattern repeats come out properly.  Right now, though, my mind is too full of work related errata to think about stitches per inch and the like.  Maybe later.

Now, I’d better get to the bank and have them sign my direct deposit form so I can get paid.  After all this time, that might be nice, don’tcha think?



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8 responses to “Swatching, swearing and security…..perhaps not in that order.

  1. Yikes! Nothing like a bunch of forms wrapped up in red tape to start the week. I’d be stuck on three people who know me well too I think…

  2. Since the pattern repeats will not (and they say so in the booklet) end in likely places, I’d say go with the size you think will work.

  3. Whew! I’m glad you finally made it in to work – and hopefully you’ll survive the paperwork. 🙂

  4. Amazing that you are now employed – after all these months. Wait, that doesn’t sound right. You know what I mean, tho. Amazingly, I still keep in contact with a lot of friends so finding references wouldn’t be hard – so naturally, I don’t need them. Isn’t that always how it goes? Good luck at work.

  5. A new adventure awaits! Check in when you can;-)

  6. Melissa G

    Congratulations on re-entry! You have more than my usual good wishes for a new year.

  7. Well, congrats on the start, in any event. Should be interesting!

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