Monday, Monday

It seems that after taking time away from the blog, it is much more difficult finding a place to start.  I have lots to talk about, but can’t seem to settle my mind enough to go a single direction—-in a spirit of randomness then……..

I have been glued to the television for the last 24 hours or so, watching with rapt attention the news about the lost climbers on Mt Hood, Oregon.  As news unfolded yesterday, and commercial interruptions ceased, I sat, watching, wishing and hoping for a positive outcome, cheering on the rescue crews as I cheer on our Olympic athletes.  I, like many others, was saddened to hear that one climber had been found, dead in his makeshift shelter.  My thoughts and prayers go to his family and to the others who are waiting for news. 

On the job front, the flurry of activity continues.  Last week it was a physical, this morning came requests for my birthdate and SSN (you think they would have had that by now), and then later in the morning, a request for a copy of my diploma……which has gone missing.  Never, have I ever been asked to provide a copy of my diploma for employment, and given that we have moved twice since getting it, no telling where it is.  I looked in all the logical places, in several illogical places and most of the file boxes in the basement.  I looked in a few unpacked boxes of books, and finally gave up, electing to go to the college website and request a copy.  For now, an unofficial transcript will have to do the trick.  As of right now, I’m scheduled to start on January 8th.

The holiday spirit has increased around Black Sheep Central with a little Christmas knitting……


The red and grey stockings were knit last year for my sons……the white was just finished for Brett’s darling Cora………… 


……and a gift exchange among the merry band or knitters.  Everyone had a great time and was pleased with what they took home.  I left with two big balls of brown/grey handspun wool, a wee project bag and some pretty stitch markers that Chery made. 

The last three nights, Brad and I have driven around ourneighborhood in an attempt to judge the displays of Christmas lights.  This is a much harder task than one would think; how do you determine which is “best?”  I prefer nice, uniform lines of lights, a unified theme and meticulous execution.  I think that Brad enjoys the “more is better” philosophy.  This has made things very interesting—-we settled on our top six or seven in each category, the clean look and the more is better look.  Tonight, we will meet with the other judges and pick our winners.  Since there is money involved, there could be an interesting evening ahead.

I’m battling a terrible urge to start a new project.  A few weeks ago, my pal Anne finished up Lady Elenore (from Scarf Style).  I really hadn’t given it much thought, and now, I’ve got this craving to make one just like it.  I’ve borrowed a copy of the book, and just need to get to the store for the yarn—-Anne used Pattons Soy Wool Stripes in Geranium and it is stunning, now I need to decide whether to use the same colorway or go a different direction, perhaps blue.  It’s not like I need another project, with Alex’s Cambridge Jacket still on the needles, and the Palette Fair Isle knitalong coming up right after the new year, but I am craving a simple (but not boring) project to do over the holidays, and would love a big stole to wrap up in on chilly winter mornings or evenings.  I need to get myself over to the store this afternoon.

I just got off the phone with Alex, who arrived safe and sound in the homeland last Friday.  He has worked every night since arriving, and it seems as though he is in line for a management position.  I miss having him around, but rejoice that he seems to have made the right decision in going back. 

As Hanukkah celebrations continue and Christmas is around the corner, I wish all of you a peaceful week. 



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3 responses to “Monday, Monday

  1. I’m glad Alex got there safely and has good prospects! Love that little project bag, too.

    Wow, lots of pressure to judge the lights – good luck! Will you post pictures of the winners? Kat (For my next project…) is having a contest for the gaudiest display submitted (doesn’t have to be your own display) and “submission” can be posting to your blog and letting her know.

  2. Adding “light judge” to your resume too, huh? You are a woman of many talents. LOVE the stockings. My son told me he wants me to knit him one–at least he said for next year!

  3. I love the “light judging” story. I too like the clean and meticulous and Will likes the “more is better” idea. It made me laugh to hear that coming from you too.

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