Takin’ care of business

First things first:  the birthday knitting is finished…..and I had a few yards of yarn to spare.  I hate that sinking feeling you get as you’re knitting along, and the ball of yarn is getting smaller and smaller—-and you would have to order more (KnitPicks), and you’re already late for the birthday.  Happy to report, done, done, DONE.

Having finished that, I moved on to other holiday knitting, in this case, stars.  You may remember, I have a new grand-puppy, named Baker, who is growing rapidly (the last I heard, he is up around 55 lbs).  Brett and his girlfriend Cora have recently moved into a new place, and this will be their first Christmas tree.  I wanted to help them decorate the tree with things that Baker couldn’t get hurt on, should his curiosity overwhelm him.  The wee stockings pictured last week and a dozen felted stars will be a good start, and I will deliver them this week, and help Cora with the tree 🙂  If Baker decides the ornaments are irresistible, at least there won’t be broken glass, only yarn and a possible upset tummy.

Friday night, as I was sorting through the mail, I did possibly the stupidest thing I’ve ever done.  When I collect the mail, I have my own system of dealing with everything; first, I sort out what is important and set it aside: bills, personal correspondence, magazines and such.  Then I look at the junk, and decide what needs to go through the shredder; credit card come-ons and the like.  In Friday’s mail were my holiday postage stamps, the ones that I’d ordered online and that I was waiting on, so I took those out of the envelope and set them aside.  Also in the mail (have you gotten sucked into something like this???) “materials you requested..” from some home improvement club or something, my “free trial membership” for which they would bill me $119 after my 30 day trial.  What the heck?  How did I end up signing up for this??  So, I gets on the phone, and on hold, and while I’m holding I’m taking care of the mail, tossing the junk, shredding the stuff with personal info, and finally I get to talk to someone and ask them ever so nicely to cancel this thing that I’ve somehow gotten signed up for (3 times I had to ask).  I hang up the phone and look for my stamps.  And look.  I look in the trash, I look where I’ve filed the important stuff.  I look in the trash again.  I even look by the Christmas cards, thinking that perhaps I put them there, in readiness.  With a sick feeling, and the mother of all swear words dancing in my head, I looked in the shredder. 

Yep.  Lovely bits of blue and white snowflake in the bottom of the basket. 

Saturday brought more snow, along with very cold temperatures.  The knit group was scheduled to meet at the Llama store, but I just couldn’t bring myself to drive to the Forest in yucky weather, on questionable roads, so I stayed in, next to the fire with my knitting.  Yesterday, the sun on the snow covered ground made it look like a field of diamonds, sparkling and shining.  It was just beautiful, as we ventured out to breakfast, church and then to run a few errands (which of course included procuring more stamps….damn).

Today brings the count down for our whirlwind trip to Seattle, which begins Wednesday evening.  According to the car rental information, we will be in town 3 days and 15 hours—not much time to squeeze everything in.  Brad will be defending his PhD dissertation on Friday afternoon, the frosting on a cake that has taken 4 and a half years to bake.  Between now and then, he will be tied in knots (as is his nature) trying to make sure all his ducks are in a row.  I will be getting things ready for the trip, giving him a wide berth and keeping fingers crossed that his committee is in a good mood on Friday.

Having said that, I really must get to it……I have a massage scheduled, a haircut, and a trip to the mall to see Santa with the little dude (who is anxious to ask the jolly old elf for a “noisy tool bench”). 



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4 responses to “Takin’ care of business

  1. A massage…….. Mmmmm…. Bummer about the stamps, but I can SO see myself doing that. I’m curious about your felted stars – where did you get the pattern?

  2. Grrl, I’ve done the same thing…darn those sheaders that work so well!

  3. Thanks for the good energy sent my way. I am getting out and about at last. Have a safe trip and enjoyable time in Seattle. Tell Brad he’ll do great – with all his ducks in a row!

  4. Have a wonderful Seattle trip…both to bring Brad’s labor to a close, and for what Seattle has to offer during your countdown.

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