I’ve come to a decision, by default really, that I’m only going to post when I’ve got something to say.  Obviously, it’s been a slow week.  I’ve changed what was my normal routine of bringing my cuppa to the computer, writing something which I hope is entertaining and fun, posting and then catching up with whatever you all are doing.  With nothing rambling round in my noggin, I’ve been peeking in on you all for inspiration and ideas, and while I still have nothing riviting to relay, ya’ll have had an interesting week.

Today is Claudia’s birthday 🙂  Stop by and say hey, and check out the amazing shawl just off the block. 

Chris’s little gal May had a visit to the vet this week, which will ensure no future progeny….stop by and wish her well.

MJ changed the look of herblog, and she has a finished moebius—-very cool.  Cathy has had the flu and would love some positive energy; and last but not least (not by any stretch), dear Margene said goodbye to her beloved Schnauzer Murphy this week. 

Here, we’ve had bitter cold and a touch of snow, just enough to make the roads interesting.  As there was nothing I had to go out for, I haven’t.  Wednesday was dreadful, but pretty, with the snow falling most of the day; the sun came back yesterday, without the accompanying warmth, but the roads are clearing and I may venture out later on.  It’s funny to me, that I look at a “snow day” as the perfect opportunity to stay in, do some knitting, spinning, laundry, but just the thought of being housebound sends my young room mates into fits.  They absolutely could not be persuaded to stay in and watch movies, and during the worst of the weather decided they must go out for coffee (yes, we had coffee here), and then decided to see a movie.  They had the courtesy to let me know they were going to the movie, but it slipped their minds to check in when they met up with a friend and decided to go to a party or something.  So, here I am, wondering where they are (close to midnight), calling Alex, who is not answering his phone, and not able to go to sleep.  They finally arrived, and you’ll be proud of me for NOT getting out of bed to give them a piece of my mind.

Oh, and we had a gas leak—-same night I was worried about the guys, DH tells me he’s smelling gas on the back porch (otherwise known as the smoking lounge, regularly occupied by the same young men previously mentioned).  So, I called the utility company, who dispatched a guy, who checked it out and said it would need to be repaired but that it was not an emergency and was not dangerous and so forth.  He tightened the leaky spot with a ginormous wrench, which seems to have done the trick, for now.  Oh, and did I mention, this was at 11:30 at night, with a wind chill around 0?

On the job front—–still waiting, though there have been signs of progress.

On the knitting front—–the birthday knitting is nearly complete, but I’m fearful I may run out of yarn in the final two rounds.  I’m stalling.  I can have it done in half an hour, but I’m so worried about not having enough wool to finish, I’m putting it off (can you tell??) 

And in case you thought I forgot—-here’s a Favorite Foto:

We have an amazing tiger enclosure at our zoo, and this was taken about a year ago while I was visiting with my friend Angela (Hi Angela!!).  He was so beautiful, there in the snow, and we watched for a long time. 

Have a wonderful weekend.  Warm thoughts to those of you in the midwest this day—cozy up by a fire and enjoy some fibery fun 🙂



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6 responses to “Friday

  1. It is warmer here today so hopefully it’s coming your way. We had a sprinkle of snow this morning but the weekend looks warmer and sunny. YAY! Sending good thoughts to keep you from running out of yarn!

  2. Laurie

    Stay warm. And only knit when you can weather the outcome.

  3. Hey, saw your comment on the yarn harlot and thought I would glance at your blog. Looks like you are in Colorado too! I live a way’s away from you but it is nice to connect with another Colorado Knitter! Like your blog, I am going to add it to mine as a blog I read.

    Just incase you are interested…I have started a webring for knitters in colorado. You should check it out!

    Let me know if you are interested.

    Oh, good luck with the running out of yarn thing…that totally sucks.


  4. MJ

    I LOVE that photo!!
    Thanks for the shout out! I appreciate it!
    What is your birthday knitting? or is it a surprise?

    Remember, you are in charge of your blog, you don’t have to post when you don’t want to! Make it fun!

  5. That’s a very cool photo!! Yikes – gas leaks are always scary – glad it turned out to not be bad. And I have my fingers crossed for you and your yarn situation.

  6. Angela The Great

    Hi Lisa! I wish you could post the video of that big kitty… What a fun trip that was, can’t wait to see you on Thursday

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