Looking for a reason to maffick

I’m taking a break from the frustrations of trying to secure a low cost airline ticket.  Why, in the name of all things woolly do the travel sites tell you there are X number of tickets available at a given price, and then when you choose the option you like they tell you “We’re sorry, the ticket price has changed from $223 to $378….?”  It’s a constant bounce betweeen woohoo  and holy crap, and at this point I just want to buy the damn ticket and be done. 

Where am I going???  DH has finally scheduled his final exam for his PhD. and after looking into airline tickets the other night, we decided I could go along.  If all goes as planned (and what goes as planned, right??) we will be in Seattle for a few days in early December.  Between Monday night and this morning, my planned itinerary really did jump by $150, but you know how it is;  you get your mind thinking that you’ll be jetting off for a few days, you clear it with your boss, you start thinking about house sitters and making plans at the other end and before you know it, wild horses can’t hold you back.  I talked to son number one this morning, who was completely thrilled that we were coming, I’ve got family making Saturday night dinner plans……..and now it looks like it’s gonna cost me an arm and a leg to make it happen.  Damn.   

The knitting lessons last night went swimmingly; it seems that everyone had a good time, and while some may stick with it, I’m sure others may never pick up needles again.  Linda, Chery, Phoebe and Kirsten all came along to help out, which was very welcome as I could never have done it by myself.  Thankfully, there were also several knitters in the group ready to lend a hand, and we ended up having very nearly one on one instruction 🙂  By the end of the evening, we had everyone knitting, a couple people purling, and only one or two too frustrated to continue.   

And now for our weekly dose of literary enlightenment, also know as New Word Wednesday.  Maffick is a verb, which means to celebrate with boisterous rejoicing and hilarious behavior.  This is a new word to me, though it is an alteration of Mafeking Night, the British celebration of the lifting of the siege of a British military outpost during the South African War in May of 1900.  You can read the history here.

And now back to the search for tickets…..hopefully there will be some mafficking, before too long.



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3 responses to “Looking for a reason to maffick

  1. So if you go in early December, you won’t have to go at Christmas, right? Sounds good to me, kill two birds with one stone, and you have guys here to house, dog, and cat-sit.
    Of course, we will miss you…..

  2. Melissa G

    Sorry to have missed yesterday–I’ve taught my daughter with the rhyme from Falick’s knitting book for kids, and it’s a fun book for older types too. Also: Deb Stoller and Sally Melville are good teachers. Finally Alison @ the blue blog has a good hat for teaching several skills in one small project.

  3. How frustrating about the ticket. 😦 But I love the word of the day!

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