Musings from an empty house….

….well, if we don’t count four legged people that is.  All the men have gone to work, and for the first time in days and days, I have the house to myself. 

After having the proverbial empty nest for over a year, our nest is anything but empty these days.  I’m not complaining, mind you.  In fact, having the guys around is really kinda fun, if you don’t mind the locker room chatter and adolescent innuendo’s.  Hubby is less flexible (relaxed??) than I am when it comes to young adult banter, but for the most part I’m adjusting and trying to enjoy the process.  There is serious apartment shopping going on, so there is an end in sight—-in the meanwhile I plan to enjoy the ride.  I may never enjoy back to back episodes of Robot Chicken, but I do love the conversation and insight I get from our times together. 

I had a knitful weekend, first with the girls at Pikes Perk and then in combination with football—ya just can’t beat football and knitting.  The focus of my attention over the weekend was mystery knitting—here’s a sneak peek: 


There was, unfortunately, a short trip to the frog pond, but things are back on track.

Tonight, I’ll be doing something I’ve never attempted before.  A few weeks ago  I was asked to teach a group of gals to knit… is our spouses group from the aeronautics department at the Academy.  I’ve enlisted help from the knit group, and I’m formulating a plan, but, I have to tell you, it’s causing a wee bit of anxiety.  Anybody have any advice?  I’ve asked everyone to bring needles (US 6, 7, or 8), and I’ve gone stash diving to provide wool.  I thought I might come up with a list of good beginner books, and teach them just the knit stitch tonight.  Which books are your favorites?  How about cast on’s?  I’m thinking a good ole backward loop might be a good place to start—-long tail can be a little fiddly for a beginner.  Needless to say, I’ve got some prep work to do this afternoon.

Better get to it—-


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  1. I don’t have anything to suggest – I haven’t taught beginners before, and I’m self taught. Maybe one of those little knitting rhymes?

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