….and they bring friends

My learning curve continues…..this is the second try at writing today.  I’m just going to have to change the way I do things, and always copy my post into another document before I push any buttons.  Live and learn I guess.

The population at Black Sheep Central has increase by one with the arrival of Pretty Tony yesterday morning.  Sometime last spring, there was some discussion going on between Alex, and all his friends, that a change of milieu was in order.  Since they had connections in Colorado, it was decided that the whole bunch of them would move to the Springs.  Alex was first, arriving in September; Tony showed up bright and early yesterday morning, accompanied by his Dad, who came along for the ride. 

This generation of twentysomethings is interesting—-they do things in groups.  This particular group of guys is no exception, and it will be interesting to see how long it takes the other half of the posse to arrive.  Any girl wanting to date one of the group has it pretty tough—-she has to win over the whole group, and realize she’s not dating a guy, she’s joining the posse.  Not many have made the cut.

They are a great bunch of guys—I love them all.  Tony and I had some one on one yesterday afternoon and he said something interesting.  We were talking about the balancing act a parent does with adult children;  how there is this constant struggle between wanting to give advice and get involved, and taking a hands off approach, letting the young adult live their own life.  Tony said to me, “we picked Colorado for a reason.  Of course, Alex wanted to be close to you guys, but the rest of of did too.” 


I’m not sure quite what to make of that, but for now, I’m basking in the thought that they actually think we’re cool enough to hang with, that they value our input, and that some part of them still needs a parental connection.  Go figure.

On the job front (what?? really?? I have a job???), rumor has it that I will actually be starting on the 27th of November.  I say “rumor” because I’ve not yet received the official notice.  What an odd process, huh?

And now Favorite Foto Friday :

Another of the zillions of pictures I took in Florence. 

Have a great weekend……………………..thank a Veteran!



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2 responses to “….and they bring friends

  1. Gorgeous photo! And what a wonderful thing for Tony to share with you.

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