let’s try this again

I’m beginning to think that I’m just not meant to be a blogger.  I just finished writing my post, I had added my links, checked the spelling and pushed the “save and continue editing button,” so I could upload some photo’s.  Poof.   The post is gone.  It’s not on the list of previous posts, it doesn’t show up as a draft at the top of the “write post” page, it’s just plain gone, off in the ether somewhere.  This is precisely why I swapped over to WP, to avoid these kinds of frustrations, and now, in addition to the learning curve, I’m having to start all over again. 

I wrote a nice little update, on which vehicles have made the final cut….but I just don’t have the heart to go into it all again.  For anyone really interested, here are the final choices (at least as of today).  1 and 2

I also had this great little knitting update, where I talked about this,

and this,

and said I had made a little progress on Alex’s Cambridge sweater.  But I can’t remember what all I said, and all my cleverness has left in a fit of frustration.

There was even a little rant about being in job limbo, how the not knowing is starting to get to me, but since the blogging snafu*, I just don’t want to think about it now. 

So instead of getting a really entertaining blog post, full of wit and humor, I’m afraid you’re stuck with this. 

I’m off to eat worms.

*for those of you interested in word origin, you might be interested to know that snafu is a military achronim, which means ‘situation normal, all f***ed up.’  Kinda fits my mood today.



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5 responses to “let’s try this again

  1. We complained to Typepad about loosing posts and now you actually get asked if you want to leave the page or not. Blogging can be frustrating at times like that. Try cutting and pasting your HTML to a Word doc before hitting save.

  2. WP was a little buggared up today. Try rebooting your ‘puter and going back in. Maybe the missing post will show up. That’s what happened to me today.

  3. Oh, that just totally sucks… I know I’m having a slightly different WP experience, because I’m on dreamhost and paying… most of the pain I’ve inflicted on myself! Hang in there. I would miss you! And too many bloggers that I WANT to read (like you) are giving it up recently…

  4. Blogging – who knew it would be such a PITA. My comments haven’t been accepted but I have been reading! We’ll see if this one goes thru.

  5. So frustrating. Next time it happens to me I will know that I must then eat worms. Yes.

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