In which I vent a little……

I don’t know how things work at your house, but here at Black Sheep, there is nothing that creates more argument and  marital discord discussion than the prospect of a major purchase.  This week the topic of discussion has been the purchase of a new vehicle.

No one, at least no one that I’ve ever met, buys a car on a whim, and we’ve been talking about this for quite some time.  The 10 year old minivan is getting tired and either needs some quality attention, or it needs to be replaced.  The idea of pouring piles of money into an old vehicle, one that is bigger than we need and gets crappy gas mileage, frankly, turns my stomach.  The idea of spending oodles of money on a new car has just about the same effect on DH.  Our options are limited by the fact that we need something that will tow the camper, and we’ve danced all around the idea of buying another little commuter type car and keeping the van for camping, but then we have the problem of where to put the van when we’re not using it, along with the fact that it still needs work. 

So we’ve talked and researched and shopped online (isn’t it swell the way you can do all your research and leg work in bed with a laptop—-gotta love that) and were very keen on the Saturn Vue Green Line, a nifty little SUV hybrid that gets up to 32 mpg and will tow the camper.  I checked one out about a month ago—they are somewhat hard to find—and again the other day.  I was really impressed and brought one home for Brad to drive.  Unfortunately, he was not quite as impressed by it; it is a hybrid so it sacrifices horsepower in favor of efficiency.  By the time we went to bed, he was again talking up the idea of fixing the van.  Yesterday afternoon, we took the hybrid back to the dealership and traded it for a v6 with 248 hp…….big mistake.  The thing hauls ass butt, and will tow 2000 more pounds, which would be very nice if we ever decide on a different camper.  And the mileage is still pretty decent, up to 28 mpg.  And I’m pretty sure my spinning wheel will fit upright in the back—-certainly a plus 🙂

To say that things are settled on the matter would be lying.  It’s a lot of money.  It’s a big decision.  I’m sure there be much more frustrating fruitful discussion.  This afternoon we will return the model to the dealership and, well, we’ll see what happens next. 

What is not happening, at least not yet, is uploading photo’s in this new format.  One of the main reasons I swapped over to this new service was the fact that loading photo’s in Blogger had become such a booger; sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t, sometimes it said it was “done” but no photo appeared, sometimes it lost my post completely when I went to publish.  Today, right now, I’m having similar issues trying to load pictures.  I mean……it is Friday after all, and what is Favorite Foto Friday with no foto???? 

………okay, maybe I’m catching on.  Thanks Chris 🙂



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7 responses to “In which I vent a little……

  1. Lisa: If you are coding the html for your pictures: For your photos, you may need to check that your dimensions in Flickr and your dimensions on WordPress have the same W/L ratio, if you don’t have the same dimensions for both. Also, that your pictures on WordPress don’t have larger dimensions that the picture actually does in Flickr. Today’s photo seems either stretched right to left or enlarged in both directions.

    I’ve been looking at the regular Vue as a possible new car, but I can’t get a new car for a bit, so I’ll have to check out things in a year or so.

  2. Forgot to mention, my parents have managed to impulsively buy a car (they were going to look at possibly replacing the fridge and got distracted), a van (they were going buy the dog a dog house…luckily they still managed to do that as well), and an RV (they were going to the outlet stores in Silverthorne to get a plate to replace a broken one in their set and got distracted). My mom knows what they can afford, so they don’t go over their budget, but my dad’s puppy eyes are the primary driving force of big purchases. They are rarely planned. 🙂

  3. You’re welcome! You fixed the date, too! Yay. 🙂

    Ok, I kinda buy cars whimsically, but usually because of an accident or massive mechanical failure with my primary cars.

  4. My mechanic refuses to work on Saturns because he thinks they are crap. I don’t want to make my mechanic unhappy, so no Saturn for me.

    Hope you come to a vehicle solution that causes minimal dischord.

    And WP is coming along!

  5. Oh, I hate major purchases that are even less than a vehicle – TVs, computers, etc. It is the sole topic of conversation for months as it takes that long for DH to settle somewhere between thriftiness and getting upsold. *sigh* I can soooo sympathize!

  6. I recently read a book called “The Paradox of Choice”. Yes, the more choices we have, the more difficult life becomes, and we are less happy. Just do something that makes sense, and happiness will return if you don’t angst about it after the decision is done. (I recommend the book for putting modern life into perspective. It’s very well written.)

  7. It took me months to decide on my subaru when I decided to sell my rig (truck/horsetrailer). I have been very happy with my little car. Hope you find the right vehicle for you two, too.

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