Growing Pains

Thanks for the encouraging words on the new digs.  I’m pleased, so far anyway, with how things are shaping up.  Along with a new learning curve, which I am so NOT excited about, there has been some frustration as well.  I guess that is just part of the package, and whether one is here at WordPress or over at that other spot, one has to put up with some bad along with the good.

Among the things I’ve yet to learn…….loading pictures.  It seems that it will require a bit more effort than before, and the extra step of uploading to flikr first—-be patient.  The other thing I don’t understand is why WP keeps asking for my password, even though I’ve asked to be remembered.  And what controlled my attention for a couple hours last night was deleting duplicate posts that had been imported from Blogger, sometimes in quadruplicate.  For some reason deleting them from the list of past posts did nothing, each one had to be edited, then deleted.  I’ve gotten through October and September—-if you go back any further than that you will be seeing multiples of each post. 

As with any move, things will be a little unsettled looking for a season, but since ya’ll love me, I know you’ll be patient. 

Okay, back to New Word Wednesday.  Today, let’s look at alterity which is a noun that means otherness; specifically the quality or state of being radically alien to the conscious self or a particular cultural orientation.  The picture I’m getting here is something like a Greek marrying into a family of Scots, or a puppy in a room full kittens.  The sense that (sing with me….) “one of these things is not like the others.”  I’ll bet you can think of some good examples.

Now I’m off to lunch.  Have a great Wednesday!



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4 responses to “Growing Pains

  1. Hang in there. You’ll figure it out. So far, so good.

  2. I love your header! I’d say you’re learning quickly!!

  3. Melissa G

    Like Chris, I love your header! Thanks for the “I’m moving.”

  4. I also love your header!!!!!
    You are a brave woman indeed to do this move. I’m afraid I’ll be stuck at “the other spot” as it seems it is more simple there. For a computer alliterate like me I’ll just have to to go with the flow and accept the burps and hiccups.

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