It’s been a few days……

…………… so I thought I’d bring you up to date as to what’s been going on around Black Sheep Central.

First up……..

We’ve been back in our house here in Colorado for over a year now, and as is most often the case, our bedroom has been largely ignored. Most of the house got a fresh coat of paint before we moved in or shortly thereafter, but, the master bedroom was at the bottom of the list. With the prospect of a new job, I decided to get a few things done, and the bedroom jumped to the top of the list. Alex had Tuesday night and Wednesday off, so we picked out a new color scheme and new bedding and got to work. We carried the same khaki/tan/beige that is in the rest of the house into the bedroom and then added a gorgeous chocolate brown to all the western walls. The effect is very nice, I am so, so pleased. I’m still in the middle of painting the master bath to match (got new towels too), but I just had to stop before I was done last night… hand was cramping and did NOT want to work a roller anymore. That, and I was moving like I was 100 years old. There’s just nothing like painting to make you feel muscles you didn’t know you have. Squating, climbing ladders, stooping, bending, raising your arms above your head, crawling around on the floor—–you get the idea. I took a hot shower and sank into the sofa with a handful of motrin and a very saucy adult beverage, provided by my accomplice. Perhaps I’ll get the remainder finished up this afternoon, after the stiffness is worked out a bit.

This is what it looked like yesterday……………

MAJOR blizzard. I’m thinking we got about 15 inches or so, although it is really hard to estimate since it has drifted all over. Most of the day we had snow coming down sideways, with brisk winds or 30-40 mph. The town basically shut down; Alex’s restaurant didn’t open, the Academy cancelled classes, as did every other school along the front range. The interstate was even closed for most of the day. The snow finally stopped falling around 5 or so, and Brad and Alex got the driveway cleared.

Here’s what it looks like today 🙂

The snow is melting, the skies are brilliant blue, and although the roads are still dodgy, things are returning to normal.

I think I’ll quit for now; after fighting with Blogger all morning, I just can’t bring myself to try and post another photo. Have a great weekend!



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4 responses to “It’s been a few days……

  1. And up here in the banana belt – we got rain, a few inches of very wet snow – all of which is gone now. And people ask me why I didn’t move back to my hometown – the winter traffic snarls is one reason.

    But isn’t it pretty in retrospect?

  2. Oh my! Look at all that snow. Our mountains are white but the valley stayed clear.

  3. Send some of that snow to Virginia!!! I didn’t even wear my winter coat last year. Also, I love the neutral theme. I bet that chocolate wall looks rich!

  4. Wow, it sounds like you got so much good stuff done on your house!! How fun.

    Dang, that’s a lot of snow.

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