A new member of the family!

I’d like to introduce Baker!

Ya know how some people are dog people (some are cat people, bird people, snake people……)? Brett has always been dog people. In fact, he loves animals of all kinds, loves zoo’s and nature films and so on. Since he was very little, we’ve always had animals of one kind or another, and for most of his life he has had a dog. When he moved out of our house, he lived with his Grandmother, and her dog Lucky. When he moved in with a room mate, she had a cat. But for the last year or so, he has been pet-less……until last Thursday. He and his girl Cora have recently moved to a big, new apartment, and he just couldn’t wait any longer; they began trolling the shelters and finally found this happy guy, a Great Pyrenees about 3 months old. (Please don’t leave comments about what an irresponsible choice this was, how he’ll be huge, how he’s not meant to live in an apt and so on……..you just can’t predict love, ya know?? If you can’t say something nice…….) For the last several days there have been lots of phone calls, checking his progress and so on, and I’m happy to report that the little family is doing great, Baker is 41 pounds of healthy fluff, is learning proper potty procedures, and is a real sweetheart, by all reports. Brett took him to visit his Grandma and Lucky the other day, and the two got along great, although Baker was a bit overwhelming to the 11 year old Westie. Since Brett and Cora are pretty active—biking, playing soccer, hiking and such—-Baker should get lots of outdoor time and exercise. I happened to see a similar pup in the pet store yesterday, and I have to tell you, it’s not hard to see why Brett and Cora fell in love with their little guy. They are darling puppies! And I have to admit, I wish I could be there to enjoy the fun.

In other news, I’m still waiting to hear “officially” from the government folks regarding the new job. I talked to the “officer in charge” yesterday, and they are all excited that I’ll be joining them (a great ego boost for me, I have to admit), but the civilian side of the military, in fact all of civil service, is being reorganized and the wheels grind very slowly. If I was better organized, I’d get busy on things like Christmas cards, gift shopping, painting the bedroom and so on before I actually start working. Thanks again to all of you who have sent congratulations, and asked about the situation.

Have a great Tuesday!



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8 responses to “A new member of the family!

  1. Ooo, Baker is a cutie! Welcome to the family, Baker!

  2. Oh my gosh he is aDORABLE!!!! I would have had a hard time not falling in love with him too.
    2 – 5 hours a day of heavy exercise should keep hime happy LOL….. no but for real, people and dogs can adjust to each other, you’ll know when its working and when not and can take appropriate action. I sure would not take 2 hour long hikes in feet of snow and blowing wind if it weren’t for my dogs, so actually, they keep me very fit 🙂

  3. My buddy on the hill has a GP – he runs around all night barking to keep the coyotes and cougars at bay. He sleeps all day. He’s a real sweety. And the fur – fun to spin. Just a thought for “grandma Lisa”.

  4. Anonymous

    Since you don’t want comments about the irresponsible choice, might I suggest Baker’s pet parents get a copy of Cesar’s Way? That is, by far, the best dog training and problem solving book out there. I’d hate to think of Baker being returned to the pound due to unpredictable love leading to an unlive-able home enviroment.

  5. Lisa,

    he is adorable! I can see now why he just *had* to come home with your son. As to the poster above, why post as “Anonymous”? Why can’t you leave your name for all to see?
    Not very nice……

    ~ Ellen

  6. Congrats on being a grandma! 🙂 He’s really cute.

  7. What a face that pup has!! I love his happy smile.

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