Another Tuesday

I woke up this morning to a dusting of snow on the ground, not unusual for our part of the country, but I was hoping for a bit more autumn before jumping into winter. Of course, everything could change by the weekend, and I may get the camping trip in yet.

This past weekend was full of fibery fun, beginning with our merry band of knitters and spinners meeting up at the Llama Store, and taking advantage of their lovely classroom space for our regular get together. Linda is working on a fabulous sweater out of Trekking (go figure), Kirsten and Christy both bought the pattern and wool for fun sheepy sweaters, (see photo on Christy’s blog) and Anne and I worked on angora goodies for Phoebe’s grand adventure. Speaking of Phoebe, she brought in the fur lined jacket samples from her contact in Manhattan, and there was some serious lusting going on. Luxury women’s western wear, indeed!

Sunday, my friend Eva and I drove up the road to Castle Rock and the Douglas County Fairgrounds for an alpaca show. Check out this guy:

We wandered through the whole show, checking out the sweet little faces and yummy fleeces; unfortunately I didn’t find any fleece for sale—fiber either.

Yesterday was perfect for knitting and spinning—I’ll spare you the photo’s as there wasn’t much noticeable progress; one bobbin of singles looks much the same as another, ya know. Today, I seem to be suffering the consequences a bit with some cramping in my left hand, which I’m hoping my massage therapist can work out this afternoon.

And know I’m off to see what you have been up to!



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8 responses to “Another Tuesday

  1. The alpaca in the hat is too cute! SNOW!? It has been cold enough here in the mountains to snow and we may get more, too. Get a jacket! You deserve one;-)

  2. Those jackets look great! I’m sure they’ll sell well.

    That alpaca is just adorable in that hat!

  3. HEY! That’s Diomande. He was the greeter at the alpaca festival *I* went to with Brie and Darcie. πŸ˜€

  4. I saw him too on Saturday. He is really cute!

  5. I hope to pick up my alpaca fleece this week… and know where there’s plenty more (clean, soft, nice crimp). You know, in case you make it up here in the next few days. πŸ™‚

  6. I guess the fall isn’t quite as good for fleecey type stuff. Always worth sniffing around, though.

  7. LOL at the alpaca! Heh, we haven’t had enough snow to stick on the ground at all, no matter what the forecasters have said. *peeks out window to verify*

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