Out of It

My whirlwind of activity is finally over, and it feels so odd to me to get back to the blog, after being away for the past week. So much has gone on, or at least it seems that way to me (who has a life full of quiet days, one following the other), that I really don’t know how to “get back on the horse.” I’ll give it a try.

I suppose the place to begin would be Thursday; the afternoon brought a visit to the chiropractor and a few errands, followed by the birthday celebration for our very favorite 3 year old, Stephen. The party was held at one of those places that has huge, inflated, bouncy things (Pump It Up), and there were children and adults hoppin’ all over the place. Play was followed by pizza, presents and cake, and a good time was had by all.

Everybody except Mr. Brad, who was still at work, muddling through the script for Friday night’s festivities and trying to get his email read.

Friday morning I was off to get a haircut. My hairdresser was late, so while I waited I snuck in a much needed pedicure, and after the appointment I stopped by the florist to pick up the table center pieces for the party. They were stunning—-fifteen small arrangements and a larger one for the head table. I tucked them safely into the back of the car and headed home.

The Dining Out (In) for Brad’s department was a huge success, over 150 current and returning department members came back to honor Shirley, the department’s secretary extrordinaire (for over 45 years). One of the speakers had been a POW for several years during the Viet Nam conflict, another is the president of a university in Texas. The food was excellent, the speakers unparalleled and the whole evening was terrific. Alex went along, all dressed up, and even sat next to me at the head table. At the end of the evening I received tons of positive feedback, to add to my relief that it was all over. (Before you ask, I didn’t take the camera, didn’t take any pictures….dumb).

Saturday morning, without my usual amount of sleep, I went to knit with the gals up in Black Forest. I was really tired, but the routine was soothing after my hectic week. We spent most of the morning and part of the afternoon on the deck of the little coffee shop, laughing, knitting and enjoying a perfect fall day. Around 2, I packed up my stuff, ran by the grocery store and headed home to get ready for house guests—In Laws. They arrived around 4, and within the hour we were all off for the Chili Party, another of the yearly events associated with dining out weekend. The party was great fun, lots of food, great company and good conversation. I got to chat with the gentleman who had spoken the previous evening, the one who had been a POW, and had a lovely conversation with his wife. At the time of her husbands capture, they had two small children (3 and 8 I think she said), and I told her that I just couldn’t imagine going through what she did. She replied “you just do what you have to do,” and later in our time together she we talked about conflicting emotions—wanting to get on with your life, yet not wanting to give up hope. She said it was very hard to know what to say; if she said ‘he is’ then people thought she was crazy, and if she said ‘he was’ then she was accused of giving up. We talked a bit about getting back to normal after her husband returned, (he had been gone something like 6 years) and she said they worked very hard at it. They are an amazing couple, true American hero’s, and I feel so, so honored to meet them and share some time together.

Sunday was mostly quiet, I ran to the store in the afternoon and then in the evening Cliff, Eva and Stephen joined us all for dinner.

Monday was a big day here—-Brad was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel! I managed to get everybody out of the house on schedule, pick up food (for 50) and arrive at the designated spot in plenty of time. The ceremony was wonderful, Brad’s Mom (and step-dad) got to be there (first time she’s been in attendance for a promotion), and it was so neat to see DH honored by his staff and colleagues. Mom and I each got roses, and Alex and I did the “pinning on.”

Today, I’m exhausted. After getting everybody out the door this morning (Brad to work, In-Laws onto the next leg of their vacation and Alex off to work), I crawled back into bed for an hour or so. Then off to a massage, home for another nap, and here I am. I feel so out of it.

And then there’s tomorrow—–I have a job interview.




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5 responses to “Out of It

  1. WOW. I’m exhausted just reading about all of it – what an emotional weekend! Congrats to Brad! And good luck tomorrow.

  2. Last night I was wondering where you were. What a busy schedule you have! Good luck with the interview although that probably means we’ll see less of you, too:-(

  3. It’s wonderful to see the pride and joy in Brad’s face as Alex ‘pins’ him. Thanks for sharing your hectic/fulfilling weekend.

    Keep us posted about the interview!

  4. Lisa,

    so how did the interview go? I’m anxiously awaiting today’s update! Have you decided whether to go part time or full time?
    What a handsome husband you’ve got. I must admit, I have a little crush on men in uniform 😉

    ~ Ellen

  5. What a fantastic weekend – congrats to Brad! Good luck with the job interview – hope you find what you are looking for.–>

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