I’m sorry, really I am.

Since I’ve been reading blogs and leaving comments, I’ve never quite understood the word verification thing. In fact, it annoys me; not to the point that I refuse to leave a comment, but enough that I decided not to use that feature on my blog.

I’ve changed my mind. Every once in a while I’ve gotten unwanted comments, and for the most part, it’s been no big deal to delete them—-things like links to sites about hypnosis and such. But this morning, in my in-box were comments directing me (and you, gentle readers) to sites dealing in black pornography. What on earth did I say to attract this sort of comment??? No clue. So, beginning today, you will see the word verification jimmerjammer on the comments page. Please, don’t let it stop you from leaving comments, I love to hear what you’re thinking!

Alex is settling in; within the first 48 hours he’d landed a job (1 application, 1 interview) and will begin training next week. Yesterday he got a manicure (while I got my massage), and made a trip to the dentist (ugh). He’s been hanging out with his old friends from school (he and Matt have been friends since 3rd grade), and life is returning to some sort of normal. I seem to be in the mind-set that he is here “on vacation” so I’ve been spending a lot of time with him–not a bad thing, but there are things that are not getting done, like grocery shopping. That is on today’s list.

In case you’ve been wondering, here are the results of the koolaid dyeing from a couple days ago. From left to right we have black cherry, black cherry/grape and grape. Now, I just need to come up with a plan to use the stuff.

And now, Favorite Foto Friday

It’s that time again….the leaves are changing colors, there is snow on the peaks and the elk are filling the meadows in Rocky Mountain National Park (and other locations, no doubt). Every year, I look forward to fall camping trip in the park, and this year is no exception. Unfortunately, the days are zooming by, and the schedule is filling up, and the weather, at least yesterday and today, has not been conducive to camping. In fact, Estes Park is under a winter storm warning and may get as much as 18 inches of snow tonight, and although I love to camp, I’m still a bit of a wimp, and snow is more than I want to deal with. The lovely thing about Colorado though, is that everything can change in a moment, and next week may be beautiful, sunny and in the 70’s. I’m fighting to find a few days to run away to the mountains and enjoy the season.



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12 responses to “TGIF

  1. word verification jimmerjammer = CAPTCHA (From Wikipedia)

    No problem on that. I like the grape dye job the best. Congrats to Alex getting a job.

  2. Pretty roving. We have the very same weather…it’s so cold today! We are promised 70s next week so, let’s hope!

  3. i thought of a use for the crap… felted tweedy bits to spin into yarn! šŸ˜€

  4. Wow, congrats to Alex – so speedy! And your roving turned out great – that’s probably the best color from KoolAid grape I’ve ever seen!

  5. Love the roving – have you tried using it yet? I need to get up to Estes to see and hear the elk – maybe next week.

  6. Anonymous

    things like links to sites about hypnosis and such. But this morning, in my in-box were comments directing me (and you, gentle readers) to sites dealing in black pornography.

    Would the pornography spam have been any more palatable to you if it wasn’t “black pornography?”

  7. I can’t believe there’s snow already. We haven’t had a frost yet. I’m ready for fall, not yet ready for winter. Heh. Like we get a choice!

  8. Good luck to Alex on his new job.

    And Anonymous, can I add my comment that when I reading a blog on crafts, family, etc I have no interest in being linked to porn; black, blue, orange or another other color. Do you honestly think the person posting the link had any interest in anything pertaining to this blog?

  9. Well, I’m moving to Denver Mid-November and we all CAN’T wait!!!! So any snow yet? Love your dyeing job. Ply those together and it will look so cool!

  10. Anonymous

    I don’t think anyone wants to be linked to any porn site from their knit blog. I’m wondering why the owner of this blog made it a point to stress “black porn,” which left the impression she would have been okay with “white porn” or “asian porn,” etc.

  11. Knowing Lisa, as I do, she did not “stress” black porn. And no, she wouldn’t enjoy porn site links in any color. I believe she was merely stating what the link was. Please let’s leave the over sensitiveness off the comments, OK?

  12. Your koolaid yarn (roving) is fabulous! And, the photo of Colorado elk is also fabulous. I have two sisters in CO–one in Denver and one in Longmont. Both are transplanted midwesterners who long for the open spaces of Colorado whenever they return to the Midwest. My honeymoon was spent in Rocky Mountain National Park–in a cabin near the entrance rather than in a tent.
    I agree with you about the word verification–I was forced to use it for the same reason you were. It’s a sad, sad world out there.

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