Welcome Home

This, is son number two, Alex. Several months ago he said he was ready to move back to Colorado, and began to make plans. Last night, after leaving Seattle around 3 on Sunday, Alex walked through the front door, and this morning he’s snoozing away, catching up, no doubt. Why he chose to sleep on the top of the bed is anyone’s guess.

Okay, now for a little weekend rehash. As you know, Saturday is the day I get together with the gals for knitting. Last Saturday, Christy invited us all over to her place, in honor of her birthday, for a dye day, with knitting, spinning and food, of course. I took my wheel, but got precious little spinning done with all the other activity swirling ’round. Brie, Leisel and I made a run to the Llama Store for some dye-able sock yarn, and each of us got to dye 2 bundles, around 5 oz each.

Blogger is giving me heartburn today, so rather than load lots of photo’s here’s a peek at what went on….

The tangled mess from yesterday’s post is mostly sorted out, just a little more to go. The good news is that one of you will get to choose one of my hand dyed skeins as a prize…if you donated to Brett’s fundraising bike ride for MS, and if you left me a comment saying that you did. What???? You forgot??? You want another chance? Okay, you have until I get the tangled mess re-skeined to make your donation to either Brett (handsome guy in the sidebar) or Cora, and leave a comment to let me know you donated (I don’t want to know how much, that’s not the point—just leave me a comment so I can contact you should you win). Last I heard, Brett had raised $500 and Cora $350, and I’m told they can keep raising funds until October. Thanks so much to all of you who have donated so far—you’re the best!

Now, I’m off to wake the slumbering man-child upstairs. Better take Coffee 🙂



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4 responses to “Welcome Home

  1. So will your son be living with you? Or is he just staying there until he gets his own place?

  2. Dyeing is a lot of fun, isn’t it? How did that skein get so tangled? Did it just need more ties added?

  3. Wait…. they come back!?

    When I dye my yarn I always have 4 ties. Otherwise….well, you know!

  4. They’re still cute sleeping even when they get big, aren’t they? Scout’s comment is hilarious and scary.

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