Wheels a spinnin’

I just added a wee post to the Summer Spinning Blog (link in sidebar).

Last night I couldn’t sleep—don’t know if it’s the upcoming flurry of activity around here, residual from a couple movies I’ve watched in the last few days, or hormones, but rather than lying in bed full of frustration, I got up and did some spinning. Something about the rhythm of the wheel soothes the mind, allows it to process whatever needs sorting out and after about 90 minutes I was ready to go back to bed. This is what I was working on……

While at the Wool Market in Estes, I picked up this 2 pound bag ‘o roving from Brown Sheep. While it’s not yummy and soft like the alpaca, it is spinning up really nicely…..

….the variations in color flowing together beautifully—-don’t you think? With 2 pounds of the stuff, there should be enough for a decent size project; a vest or sweater even.

I’m going to keep this short, I’ve just been invited to lunch and must make myself presentable.



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4 responses to “Wheels a spinnin’

  1. Vanessa knits when she has insommnia, you spin – very lovely, too. I lay awake and count dogs leaping on and off the bed. What’s wrong with this picture? Have a great lunch and day!

  2. I don’t know which particular blend you got of Brown Sheep stuff, but I found that with the superwash that I’ve spun up from them that it spun up into a much softer yarn when the twist setting and that was all completed than I would have guessed from the feel of the roving.

    I love the heathered grays you are getting. It’ll be a gorgeous final yarn!

  3. Nice job, Lisa. Good to be productive with the insomnia rather than lying in bed swearing! 😉

  4. Your spinning is looking great!

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