Ignorant no longer….

Just a quick note. I wanted to let you all know that Brett and Cora completed the 150 mile Bike Tour (for MS) in fine form. Brett said it was a beautiful ride, harder the first day than the second and up to this point they have earned $500 and $350, respectively. Brett also said that they can continue to accept donations until October, so if you want to get your name in the drawing you still have a bit of time. I think I’ll draw sometime next week.

Now, on the subject of prize drawing; I noticed that there are a couple of you who donated and did not leave a comment. I applaud your altruistic motives, but if I have no way to contact you, I can’t send you a prize! If you’d like to be included, let me know—-you can email me if you’d rather, there’s a link in the sidebar.

There has been precious little knitting going on here, and the spinning wheels have been calling my name for several days. Seems like feast or famine; either there’s stuff flying off my needles, or my knitting/spinning time is taken up by other activities. Tonight, though, Brad will be at school late—-I’m thinking a movie and some knitting are in order.

Now, for a show of ignorance. If you have been tuning in for a while, you’ll know that this day of the week is reserved for intellectual enlightenment, in the form of New Word Wednesday. Sometimes I choose a word I’ve run across while reading, more often I choose a word from my calendar. Today, I chose a word that I’ve heard often, and really had no clear idea of what it meant. I will tell you straight off, it’s a good thing I looked it up before using it in conversation, because I would have sounded like a complete idiot. Laugh if you like—but don’t tell me okay??
Today’s word is misogynist or misogyny, which to my surprise means a hater of women (hatred of women). Not a word I’m likely to use to describe any feelings I have, but I have to say, I’m glad to know what it means and to save myself from embarrassment in the future.

Have any of you ever misused a word and humiliated yourself in conversation? I’d love to hear about it.

And finally, it’s my buddy Christy’s birthday today—-go by her blog and flood her with good wishes, will ya??



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3 responses to “Ignorant no longer….

  1. Now I’m curious to know what you thought it meant?

  2. Me too! I’m sure I’ve malaproped before, but the funniest one I’ve heard was my German professor (one of the smartest guys I know), who talked about someone lying prostate on the floor. I had to bite my tongue.

  3. I know I’ve had some doozies, but I’m drawing a blank right now! So glad to hear that the ride went well.

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