Melancholy Monday

I took the day off yesterday not because I didn’t have anything to say—there was plenty to report after a fun knit meet on Saturday with the gals. Linda’s further adventures with the dragonfly socks had us all in hysterics for a good while.

I’ll leave the play by play commentary to Linda—stop by and wish her (9/11) happy birthday, huh?

I even have 2 finished objects to show off, the baby kimono…..

….yes I know it needs sewing up. I’m actually contemplating substituting the ribbon closure it calls for with a smallish flat button. The jury’s still out on that.

Details: Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono, Mason Dixon Knitting
Yarn: 2nd Time Cotton, color Nantucket—a bit more than 1 skein (of 187 yards)
Needles: bamboo size 7 circulars

This is an easy knit, and a fun pattern. I was endlessly amused to see it come together—just as advertised. I was really hoping it could be made with 1 skein of the cotton, but it takes so little of the 2nd skein, there is plenty for a cap or little socks to match. This particular yarn knits up really soft, it can be machine washed but needs to dry flat—not too hard for a new mom, right?

Started on Sunday night (football) and finished/felted Monday afternoon is this…..

…….(Ignore the goofy woman in the photo—it’s bloody hard to take a picture of oneself)

Details: Home Team Felted Baseball Hat (Decidedly Hilltop, HilltopYarn, Seattle)
Yarn: Something I bought YEARS ago, I think it’s from New Zealand (sorry). The pattern calls for Cascade 220—what I used is similar.
Needles: bamboo 16 inch size 10 circular and size 10 dpn’s

I have been wanting a felt ballcap for quite a while, but every pattern I came across just didn’t do it for me. I didn’t need a hole for a ponytail, I wanted a decent brim (and didn’t want to have to fiddle with the pattern). While I was back in Seattle in late July, I visited Hilltop and saw this cap knit up. It’s an easy pattern, quick to knit and has lot’s of choices for size. It took 2 turns in my frontloader to felt to the right size for my little head (I made the extra small, for a finished size of 21 inches). I want to knit another one. It might be just the thing for some handspun (at some point).

No, the reason I wasn’t here yesterday is simply because I wasn’t up to it. I turned on the news in the morning (as I often do) and revisited that very sad day 5 years ago when so many lost their lives to the worst attack on America since Pearl Harbor. I spent the morning watching the news and knitting, then knitting while I diverted my attention with a movie, then eavesdropping on talk radio. It was a reflective sort of day, rather melancholy. The upside is that I spent the lion’s share of the day with needles in hand, and I have a cute ballcap to show for it.

Today there is household stuff that needs doing, and I really need to get the rest of that Romney spun up and off the wheel……and there should be time for knitting.



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6 responses to “Melancholy Monday

  1. You’re right, yesterday wasn’t so much a newsy, chatty day. Love the ball cap!

  2. Yesterday was a perfect day to knit and reflect. You made good use of the time. You look so darling in the cap!!

  3. The hat looks great. Good job. I updated my blog tonight, but no knitting content. I will put that on tomorrow. Today was about celebrating my sister’s birthday…

  4. Love your blog. Very human. Some knitting blogs make me feel like it’s a competition for FOs. That concept is so foreign to the knitting experience for me. Thanks for sharing your days. Have a great day, and do it on PURPOSE! Lark

  5. Understandable about Monday…

    What a cute hat!!

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