The time has come, and other phraseology

If yesterday’s phrase was “….like a Chinese Laundry,” then today’s phrase must be “a horse of a different color.” Instead of sitting, partially reclined with my knitting or a good book, rather than positioned in front of one spinning wheel or the other, today, I shall be crawling around on hands and knees painting the trim that has needed attention since we laid the hardwood floors in January.

Yep, I can hardly wait.

I’ve run out of excuses. First, I was just too tired from the floor project. My brother in law, BT, and I did the job, mostly while Brad was at work, who of course helped when he got home. I learned to run the fancy schmancy chop saw, became adept at using the nailer and was the final authority on which piece went where. After everything was nailed down and my work crew left town, I spent an entire day on the sofa. Then came a long weekend, full of sanding and vacuuming where I developed a hate/hate relationship with the shop vac. On Tuesday, when Brad went back to work, it was my job to do the finishing. 4 coats of finish went on, with me on my hands and knees sanding the entire floor between the 3rd and 4th coat. It’s lovely, but I wasn’t at all eager to be on my knees again any time soon. About the time Brad got all the trim put back on, I was in that nasty, no good fender-bender, so I thought crawling around on the floor may not be prudent. Then it was summer and way to hot to do that sort of thing. But today, there is a nip of autumn in the air, I’ve got houseguests coming in a couple weeks, and, well, it’s time.

Before I go off to my painting, here’s a Favorite Foto for this Friday.

Brad and I were on our way home from camping on the Olympic Peninsula and stopped at a wildlife preserve near Sequim, WA for a walk on the beach. Here is a shot back toward the Olympic Mountains, just before the sun started to go down.

Wish I was there…………….have a great weekend



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6 responses to “The time has come, and other phraseology

  1. Yeah, the cooler temperatures and company coming = finishing stuff.

    Course, if it’s raining down there, you might now want to paint. See how easy it is to put off?

  2. It’s very chilly here, too. Fall seems to be encroaching a bit early this year. At least when the painting is finished it will feel good to have ‘a job well done’.

  3. Good luck with the finishing. That’s always the hardest part of any project.

    The background in the picture is lovely, but the foreground looks like it’s a lonely place. (At least to me.)

  4. Anonymous

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  5. Anonymous

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  6. Gorgeous picture!! Hope the painting went well…

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