I’m happy to report this morning that in the last 24 hours, Brett has exceeded his fundraising goal by $125. Ya’ll are awesome. We still have a few days to donate to this terrific cause, so if you haven’t pledged and were planning to, I have another option for you to consider.

This gorgeous blond, seen here between Brett and team mate Blair after the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic, is Brett’s girlfriend, Cora. With precious little training, Cora hopped on her bike and peddled her way to Portland, (well over 200 miles), and she’s about to get back on the bike and do the MS ride as well. What a gal. Anyway, Cora is still WAY short of her fundraising goal, so if you want to throw some help her way, that would be awesome, (click here). Please don’t feel like you need to support both Brett and Cora, or feel pressured to donate if you just plain can’t, but if you want to give, your gifts are very much appreciated.

I talked to Brett on the phone a little bit ago, and he is absolutely stunned by your generosity, and—I might add—just a little surprised that his mother has had a bit of impact. I have to tell you that most of his supporters have come from the blogging (or knitting) community. Not only have you all made MY life richer with you friendship, you extend that friendship to my family, and for that I am truly grateful. I’m am amazed, on a daily basis, that you pay attention to this little blog and that you give of yourselves to make my world, and the world at large a better place. Thank you.

So, let’s talk about the fibery things going on at Black Sheep Central. Yesterday afternoon I set out to spin more of the alpaca batt, and have another 50 yards or so of 2 ply. The stuff practically spins itself. I think I have about another hanks worth to spin up, and then I’ll toss it in the bath and hang it up to dry, under a little tension.

On the knitting front, I made some serious progress on the sock, whilst waiting to have the oil changed in the car. The shop was really pokey, I was there and hour and 15 minutes; it was 45 minutes before they pulled the car into the garage. I would have gone completely mad if I hadn’t had my sock in progress—-I completed 3 pattern repeats. I worked a bit on the Cambridge while watching the news, then after dinner and a walk with Brad, I picked up this book and decided I needed to cast on something else. What am I thinking??? The C word is coming up, I’ve got a ton of things on my want to knit list and I decide I need WHAT??

A baby kimono, of course.

A couple years ago I picked up this wonderful recycled cotton yarn at one of my favorite shops in Seattle. While I was up there in July, I picked up a couple more skeins, in pink, and I got to thinking it would be a great substitute for the kitchen cotton called for in MDK. It is working up very nicely I must say, soft and pretty. Truthfully, I’m doing it mainly to see how the pattern works, and if the yarn is suitable. The other contributing factor was the upcoming arrival of 2 babes, both in October and one of each flavor. I’m thinking a kimono and little sockies to match (if I have enough cotton). Plus, I needed a break from the miles of gray stockinette I’m slogging through for Alex’s Cambridge.

And now…..New Word Wednesday. Corrigendum (soft “g”) is a noun which means an error in a printed work discovered after printing and shown with its correction on a separate sheet. It is from the Latin verb corrigere, which means “to correct” and is related to the words “incorrigible” and “escort,” though I’m having a hard time seeing a relationship between correct and escort. (any ideas??) When I discovered this word, I immediately thought of the corrections that often follow the publication of knitting patterns. I have to admit, I’m not one to check before I begin to knit, but mistakes are fairly common, apparently. While casting on the left front of the Cambridge the other day, I discovered a pretty simple math error, which I dealt with fairly easily, but I know that others have about gone mad trying to figure out what they did wrong, only to find out that it wasn’t their fault. My friend Kirsten was talking the other day about a crochet pattern she had worked up in which every row of the pattern was incorrect—good thing she a a master of her craft.

Stay tuned for updates (and don’t forget to leave me a comment if you donate to either Brett or Cora!)



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3 responses to “Update

  1. I’m glad Brett made his goal!! Hee hee – funny about where most of his money came from, too. Knitbloggers rock!!

    Oh, that book should come with a Surgeon General warning on the cover. Just saying.

    Hmm, that is quite a word, isn’t it? I’m not going to remember it in 5 minutes…

  2. It’s great to see Brett has raised the funds. Good luck to Cora, too!

  3. Yay Brett and yay knit bloggers!

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