Not too bad

Today, several of us Spinners with Altitude are heading up to Ellen’s gorgeous ranch for a potluck lunch and some fiber fun, but before I go, I know you are just dying to see how yesterday’s experiment turned out (if not, just pretend, okay?)

By late afternoon, all the dye had been taken up and I was left with clear water. Now, I know that was what was suppose to happen, but it was so cool to actually see it.

I brought up a window screen from the basement and rigged it up between the kitchen window and the table and laid out the roving to dry.

Here are the results:

The bit at the bottom is what I dumped wine on, with the two others having been steeped in food coloring.

Here again is the wine dyed, along with food coloring (orange) and my favorite, the Black Cherry koolade. I am really loving the way the koolade works—I bought a bunch more last night to play with. The koolade roving felted a little more that the others, and I’m not quite sure if it was due to more agitation, the fact that it sat in the bag until this morning (I had run out of room to dry it), or the temperature there between the garbage bag. All in all, I’m really pleased with this little experiment.

For today’s Favorite Foto, I’ve chosen this picture—-another one of those shots that just makes me smile. A couple years ago while Brett and I were camping on the Olympic Peninsula, we went to one of those “drive through” wildlife parks. At the gate, you have the option of buying treats for the bears. Now I must pause here and say, these are Hollywood bears, many have starred in television and films and so forth. They are not wild bears, or zoo bears, but retired movie bears, and are somewhat used to people……and treats. As we drove by their enclosure, they literally sat up like this, opening their mouths and waving, nearly pointing at their wide open mouths….“throw it right here, here, here, okay?” I have never in my life seen bears do this, and they were quite accomplished at snatching hostess leftovers right out of the air. We had such a good time, we drove through 2 or 3 times.

Have a great holiday weekend!!



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7 responses to “Not too bad

  1. Wow, you did well! Do you think it will spin any better? Love the bears…how funny they are.

  2. I love the way the koolaid one came out!

  3. Pretty stuff! And the bears are great!

  4. Next stop – Wilton’s! And then one-shot acid dyes…

    That’s really bizarre about the bears.

  5. Can’t add any more than what the other folks said. Have a great weekend!

  6. The bears are cute and hilarious! How fun to see them! And I like how the dyeing came out – especially the koolaid one! Very pretty! Oh, and please have fun at Ellen’s ranch today! Sounds like a fun time to be had!

  7. That doesn’t look like a Very Big Fence between you and the bears.

    I’m surprised that the wine didn’t dye things darker…always does so on my tablecloth.–>

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