Late again :(

I had just a few minutes this morning to post, before I ran off to join my hubby for a colleagues retirement celebration—-but blogger was having issues. So, here I am at bedtime, jotting a line or two and posting today’s Favorite Foto.

This is one of those shots that makes me wish I was in my camper in the mountains, in this case Rocky Mountain National Park (as seen last June).

……but then I would never have know about the storm that dumped so much rain and hail this evening that it flooded my window well and subsequently the basement.




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8 responses to “Late again :(

  1. Sorry to hear about the flood! Hope nothing was harmed.

  2. What a stunning photo! Sorry about the flooding, that stinks.

  3. Yuck, floods are horrible. Good luck cleaning up.

    To Love, Honor and Dismay

  4. Oregon Ann

    oooohhh, I know all about wet basements! Came back from vacation in Michigan to find our “cave” and other bedroom not only still wet (it’d been 2 weeks) but moldy as well. Your picture takes me away from all that mess. Actually, the lake picture with the boat and dock really did it for me. Take care

  5. The picture is stunning! The hail too. I read someone else’s blog about the hail. Yegads.

  6. Gorgeous photo – but yikes about the rain!

    The big weather you heard about for us? It was Thursday night. Today was gorgeous for the picnic!

  7. Oh, what a truly stunning countryside – thanks for sharing this pic!

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