No Knitting Content Whatsoever

I’ve just come from the mall and a fresh bout of humiliation. You see, every year or so, my husbands department has what the military calls a “dining out,” in laymans terms, a formal dinner. Last year, I sat at the head table along with my sweet hubby and this year we will again be seated at the head table. Now, I don’t know about you, but I remember what people wear to these shindigs, especially when I’ve had cause to look their direction for the entire evening, and while I may not remember all the details……….well, you see where I’m going with this; I need a new dress.

In years past, I’ve gone the little black dress route, cocktail length (anything longer would likely need several inches whacked off the bottom) and simple, sometimes a little beading or sparkle. A few years back it was fun to go shopping, I had just lost 30 pounds and was feelin’ rather sassy—if you know what I mean. Since then the 30 pounds not only tracked me down, but they brought a few friends. Most of the time I’m not bothered by my fluff, usually only when a new swimsuit is needed or I’m trying on jeans. Today, though was just flat depressing.

I browsed around the womens department and found something suitable—not black for a change but a buttery gold two piece number. Totally the wrong gold for me. Then as I was about to give up I spotted a darling strapless tea length dress in the juniors department and grabbed the largest size they had thinking I’d have plenty of room. I’ll save myself any further humiliation by just saying I firmly believe that the clothing manufacturers are completely out of their minds when they determine sizing. And the really sad bit??? I checked online, and it is the largest size they make.

Now, I’m a grown-up. I can find another dress, or even wear the one from last year. But what about the teen who is in love with this dress and not a size 3? (watch out, I’m about to climb on my soapbox) What message are we sending our daughters? Every girl, of every size deserves to feel pretty, and special and wear what she loves, don’t you think? I’m not that big, and there are lots and lots of girls and women that are bigger than me—-what about them?

Okay, enough of that. I think I need some chocolate.



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7 responses to “No Knitting Content Whatsoever

  1. Well said, Lisa. And worse yet, what are we saying to ourselves? My nine-year old daughter (who’s already obsessed with weight) and I were watching TV the other day, and I had to bite my tongue before I commented on how fat one of the girls was on TV–even though she was drop-deap gorgeous. It hounds us our whole lives.

  2. Anonymous

    Or you could be on the other end and nothing fits except in the little girls department and you are almost 45…that is a real drag also!! Being a woman is the pits sometimes isn’t it?? I am so glad that I am pretty inside and out to my hubby and more importantly to the One that made me! 🙂 And thanks for the reminder Lorinda that we need to watch what we say as people are always watching and listening to what we say and do.

  3. I know what you mean. I’m okay with my size until I try on new clothes. Then it bothers me. I’m sorry you had a crappy day shopping.

  4. Melissa G

    As usual I’m a day late. Nonetheless: mittens–see Elizabeth Zimmermann, I make gussets for those for whom handedness matters, afterthoughts otherwise–EZ does both and a cool architectural one as well; which leads me to chocolate mousse–quick, easy, and fabulous.

  5. I HATE shopping for new clothes! I will be the mother of the groom (MOTG) next year and am already dreading trying to find something to wear. I think I’m going to wear black and a very pretty shawl! Can the MOTG wear black if the shawl is colorful??? And, why do all the clothes in the WOMEN’S department look like things that females with no interest in fashion would wear? All the WOMEN’S clothes look some fat OLD lady would wear! Can you tell you touched a nerve! I’m not THAT old and I’m not THAT fat so why can’t I find something decent and good-looking to wear!!!!!! I’d better stop. Going to go eat ice cream.

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