Bad Blogger

So here I am, late Monday afternoon, trying to get my act together enough to write something clever and engaging. Unfortunately, I’m not feeling all that witty—what I can do is provide a brief weekend update.

Saturday morning the gang met up at the coffee shop for some quality knitting time. Since the meltdown, I’m not totally sure which group it was—Spinners with Altitude or Nameless Knitters—but it doesn’t really matter since we all belong to both groups. Kirsten and Chery both bought Crazy Monkey (see side bar) drop spindles (gorgeous) and Chery wasted no time spinning up some silk hankies:

Looks like a natural doesn’t she??

Saturday afternoon I made several attempts at starting a toe up sock. I finally had success using the easy toe method in this book. The pattern I’ve chosen is from the same book, called Yarn-over Cables. So far, so good, huh?

Sunday was spent knitting on the sock and then starting the second mitten during the football game (GO SEAHAWKS!) I’m up to the thumb gussets—-which reminds me; Linda has a clever way of making mittens that involve an “afterthought” thumb. Next time, I’m going to use her recipe.

Today began with a trip to visit a new preschool with the little dude and Eva, followed by lunch. This afternoon brought a phone call from son number one (yay!) saying that his car had been broken into and robbed (not good). The creep that robbed him got away with Brett’s trials bike ($$$$), ALL his cd’s ($$$$$) and his mp3 player, among other things. I’m hoping to hear that the car insurance will cover his losses. On a positive note, he was off to sign the lease on a new apartment—-a lovely upgrade from where he and his brother have been living for the last year or so, and hopefully a much safer neighborhood.

Here’s hoping your day was filled with good news and lots of knitting (or spinning or reading or…………)



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6 responses to “Bad Blogger

  1. My day was fine but no day has quite enough knitting time. 😉

  2. Hate to tell you, but his car insurance will probably not cover personal property, I really hope he had renters insurance.

    I won’t be at group on Saturday, but the mitten thumb can be taught the week after. I’ll try to put the book it’s in on my blog later.

  3. Easy toe is the method I used as well on the sock that I’m working on. You’re much better at picking up the side stitches than I am, though. 🙂 It was the picking up stitches that causes the weird lumpiness in mine.

  4. Chery does look like a natural! I still have a hard time spinning silk on a drop spindle!!

  5. Love that sock! Sorry to hear about Brett’s loss – I hope insurance covers it…

  6. Looks like Crazy Monkey website was hacked!

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