Step away from the wheel….

Why is it that every time I start to feel good about the progress I’m making, the cosmic powers that be have to give me a whack? You might remember, that yesterday I had grand intentions of getting some more of the Romney I’ve been working on spun up. I was heading off to work on just that, when the baby alpaca on the Ashford wheel caught my attention, so (as you have guessed) I sat down and played with that for a bit. When I finally made it over to the Kromski, I was faced with a nearly full bobbin, so I finished it up and swapped to a new one, and that’s where everything went kerflooie (technical term which means the same as ‘south’ or ‘pear shaped’ or ‘wonky’). The roving was being jerked out of my hands, then breaking as I tried to pull it back through the orifice, the roving was breaking in my hands—-everything that could go wrong, did go wrong and I was reaching critical mass (if you know what I mean). I adjusted the ratio, I adjusted the tension on the drive band–tighter then looser–I oiled everything that needs oil, all to no avail.

Now I’m not a dumb person. I understood that since I now had a bobbin with nothing on it, that the radius was smaller and created the illusion that it was spinning faster. I reasoned that this would require an adjustment of some sort. I remember having gone through this very thing once before, after the wheel had gone camping. Trouble was, and here I must admit to being an ignoramus, I could not figure out the mechanics of what was going on, and make the necessary adjustment. So I did the only logical thing……..I walked away from it. I hate the fact that I know so little about the mechanics of spinning that I can’t solve my own #$%^& problems. Lucky for me I’m married to a rocket scientist (seriously), who in addition to being smart is also very handy and mechanically inclined. After dinner, it took him about 5 minutes to solve the problem.

Today has been spent running between massage therapist and chiropractor. I swung by the library to check out a couple spinning books, so hopefully I’ll be a little better prepared the next time the wheel gets fussy. I’m beginning to think that the little Ashford, even with its issues, may be the more consistent of the two. Tonight, I’m looking forward to the sofa, the TiVo and some knitting.

More tomorrow šŸ™‚



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3 responses to “Step away from the wheel….

  1. It can get frustrating sometimes, I know. Usually an empty bobbin requires much less tension than a full one. But you did the smart thing – walk away. Sometimes that’s all it really takes to fix the issue.

  2. Sounds very frustrating – hopefully the chiropractor and massage therapist worked out some of that frustration for you!

  3. Yeah, it gets maddening at times. Small adjustments until something good happens helps. I haven’t yet found a book to cover this sort of thing. Mechanically minded husbands are a godsend. It’s why spinning is still largely a guild skill.

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