We have a winner!

The entries are carefully placed in the cookie jar………

Hubby’s hand reaches in and mixes them well 🙂

He pulls out a winner…….

…….the tension mounts……..

Congratulations Kristin–of Yarn and Order. Stop by and check out her blog—-if you hurry you still have time to enter her contest!

Assiduous will be our word this week for New Word Wednesday. Assiduous is and adjective which means marked by careful unremitting attention or persistent application. By way of example, I could say “a beginning lace knitter needs to give assiduous attention to their craft.” Airport security personnel must screen passengers and baggage with assiduous scrutiny. The word is derived from the Latin verb assidere, which is translated as “to sit beside,” “to take care of,” or “to assist in the office of a judge.”

Today, I have grand plans to finish mitten #1, and start a third bobbin of the Romney in progress. What are you paying assiduous attention to today?



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4 responses to “We have a winner!

  1. Staying awake. Thunderstorms that create a crazy dog + a bladder infection= little sleep. Yawn

  2. Unfortunately, I’m paying assiduous attention to work. Blech.

  3. yay! Thank you for the contest! And that’s a great new word, I’m definitely going to throw that in somewhere today.

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