This is driving me crazy!

So I’ve been looking at lace patterns this morning—-thanks to everybody who has sent encouragement and suggestions! The possibilities are endless! Many of you have mentioned the Leaf Lace Shawl, from Fibertrends, so I went to the website to see what it looks like. (go take a good look, I’ll wait).

I have seen this picture before. In a magazine. Recently. I even remember showing it to Brad, remarking that it was neat that they had so many size and weight options. Now, do you think I can find the magazine that I saw it in?


I thought it might be Spin-off. Not. I’ve looked at the last to issues of Interweave Knits. Nada. I’ve hunted up the last issue of Creative Knitting. Nyet.

Where the $%^* did I see this pattern??? ARRRRRRGH!

Yesterday was a wash, knitting wise. Just after I fed the blog, feeling good about the new word and all, I was embroiled–shall we say—in a discussion in which I was totally misunderstood and accused of throwing a temper tantrum. After quite a bit of processing and reflection, I decided I needed to drop it completely, back away from the situation and not devote any more emotional energy to it. Coming to that decision was a logical process, but as with any emotionally charged situation, what you determine in your mind sometimes takes a while to over ride your emotional self. Needless to say, I had to occupy my brain with something else, and in this case, non-knitting related—–so I read. My friend Eva had loaned me (appropriate???) The Hot Flash Club by Nancy Thayer, a quick read, that for the most part redirected my brain. But all throughout the afternoon and evening, I found myself tearing up, and feeling sorry for myself. I’m sure many of you can relate—even though you tell yourself to stop being so emotional, that you have no reason to be upset, and even can’t remember why you’re upset in the first place, getting your emotions to cooperated can be exhausting. I’m chalking it all up to f-ing hormones.

I got a bit done on the sock last night while watching TV—have any of you been sucked into America’s Got Talent? I have to admit, I’m not much for reality TV, we have enough reality for petes sake, I watch TV to escape reality (with the exception of the news). But a few weeks ago, while we were on vacation, we caught an episode of AGT, and I was completely sucked in. It does beg the question though—what’s up with these rude English blokes?? That Simon dude from Idol, and now Piers….could they possibly be any more offensive? Geesh.

Today, it appears, will be a good knitting day—there is wall to wall coverage of the terrorist arrests on the cable news channels, and being the news junkie I am, I could probably sit on the sofa and knit all day………

……..which is precisely what I plan to do, if I can figure out what to cook for dinner and put off a trip to the grocery store.



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2 responses to “This is driving me crazy!

  1. Ugh – sounds like a miserable situation. I’ve been in similar and it is so frustrating… Hope you’re doing better today and getting lots of knitting done!

  2. I am thinking what you saw in the magazine was the FBS not the Leaf Lace. It was published in IK a couple years back. And I think it’s now up on their website for free.


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