What day is it??

I am so tired I can barely think straight, so I will just apologize here and now for whatever is sure to not make sense (did that make sense??) Anyway, I got home last night around 9, and tucked myself into bed shortly thereafter. I don’t know what it is about flying, you wouldn’t think it would be so tiring, but every time I fly, I’m exhausted at the end of the trip. My dear hubby, who used to fly all the time, thinks it has to do with the vibration of the airplane—-works for me.

As is the case with most quick trips, it was packed full of comings and goings. Since I already briefed you on the events of Thursday and Friday, I’ll start with the picnic on Saturday.

Good. Fun. I think I mentioned not long ago that the little cabin at the lake has been in the family a very long time (it is now owned by my father in law). For as long as I can remember, the family picnic has been held on the weekend closest to the 17th of July (Grandma Thompson’s birthday), there at the cabin. This year, the date was shifted to accommodate Brad’s uncle’s 50th birthday—he’s the youngest of the family of nine children, (Grandma Thompson was a saint). We had about 55 people there at the lake, in not so nice weather. We even had a group from Texas.

The last weekend in July is always the Scottish Highland Games, at the King County Fairgrounds in Enumclaw. For the last 4 years I have gone, with Brett—the first year for just one day, the second for both days and for the last two years, Brett and the gang have been there for the duration, camping. Our first 3 years were ‘bake your brains’ hot. This year it was chilly and rainy. Mount Rainier, usually big and beautiful, was obscured by clouds and yuck. My mom had never been to the games, so we went for just the afternoon, meeting up with the kids in the beer garden (there’s a big surprise). The entertainment was as good as it always is, even though my favorite group “Tempest” was absent. The day ends with a massing of the bands, probably my favorite part. That evening, Mom and I, the boys, plus Evan, got together for dinner.

Monday—lunch down by the lighthouse, then drinks with Brett in the evening.

Tuesday. Another trip to Seattle, this time to see my Mom’s cousin who had had a stroke, the same day my aunt had died (odd that). We also took a spin through the Frye Museum (one of my favorite FREE things to do in the city). We had lunch at The Spaghetti Factory, and then went to another of my favorite yarn stores, Hilltop Yarn. Love. This. Store. It is situated in what was once a Craftsman style mansion on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle. Each room is filled with yummy yarns, a small alcove invites you to sink into the wingback chairs and peruse the patterns and books. There are chairs on the front porch, should you wish to sit and knit a spell. I have always felt welcome in this shop—and you can’t always say that. Plus, the architecture is still intact, all the wonderful ‘built-ins’ are still there; rich woods and leaded glass cabinets,
each filled with fiber; the drawers and cupboards in the kitchen overflow with chunky wool. It is a wonderful treat for the senses—and good shopping too.

Wednesday was travel day—Alex and Evan drove me to the airport, stopping for lunch with Brett along the way. Seattle to Salt Lake (hi, Margene!) Salt Lake to Colorado Springs.

And now, here I am, with unpacking to finish, housework to catch up on and more laundry to do. I have an appointment with my back cracker this afternoon, though I’m seriously considering rescheduling it and just staying home—I’d like nothing better than to lay on the sofa and finish Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (thanks Lorinda!).

And yes, in case you’re wondering, knit happened. I finished up sock one of the second Trekking pair, and started sock two. Unfortunately, there was a trip to the frogpond, and I’m still working my out of that bit of negative progress. I must not be too sick of socks yet, because I’m already thinking of the next pair.

……and now, I think I need another cup of coffee.

Blogger is again having difficulties honoring my request to load pictures—hopefully I will be able to add them later today.



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3 responses to “What day is it??

  1. Staying home and relaxing after a trip is always nice. Take it easy getting back to normal.

  2. Glad you’re back and that you had a good time. I enjoy reading of your adventures! ;D

  3. I bet you’re glad to be home after all that excitement and travel!–>

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