Here, again….

….safe and sound (sorta) in the Northwest, and things have been busy since the plane touched down.

Brett’s girlie Cora retrieved me from the airport, and we stopped and had a bite of lunch and a little shopping at University Village. Once at Mom’s, we went to the store for flowers (for today’s events) and a couple other little things. Probably one of the more important things we purchased was “Off,” which saved us last night while we watched Brett play soccer (they won 8-6—nice, since they were playing two palyers short). When the boys were young, I was the classic “soccer mom,” Brad and I even did a little coaching. In recent years, Brett has played both indoor and outdoor, most recently on recreational co-ed teams. Last week was the first game of this new season and they got their arses handed to them. This week, they were in fine form, and it was good fun to watch.

Today began with a burial service, for my Aunt, south of where my Mom lives. The weather here in the Northwest has been almost unbearably hot the last week or two, but today was bloody cold. Of course, I hadn’t brought, shall we say “funeral attire,” for cold, so I was quite uncomfortable. What (who??) saved me was my cousin Darrell, whom I backed up against for warmth while the service was in progress.

During “intermission,” my mom, an uncle and I met up with Alex, at The Keg for something warm and yummy—then it was off North for the memorial service. Many, many people stood and spoke of what my aunt had meant to them, how she had blessed them, helped them and so on. It was clear that she was a huge part of her community and church, and she will be sorely missed. Thanks to all of you who have expressed your condolences over the last couple days.

Tomorrow is the annual family picnic—back at the lake. In a way, I really lucked out, getting to come back in time to catch it. Sunday, Mom and I will join the boys and the rest of the gang at the Scottish Highland Games, another lucky break since I love the games. Aside from spending the day enjoying the site of men in kilts, the highlight is the bagpipe competition and the massing of the bands at the end of the day—-hundreds of pipers all on the field and playing at omce, the ground almost quakes with the sound! One of the best pipe bands in the world is from British Columbia and is always there to compete—I can hardly wait.

And now, mostly because I think a blog without pictures is boring, I’ll sign off for now.

More soon 🙂



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3 responses to “Here, again….

  1. It’s wonderful you could be there and a bonus to enjoy your family picnic and the SHG. Have fun!

  2. Glad you could be there with your family to say goodbye to your aunt. Have a great time at the SHG. My family is Scottish, and we went to the ones in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Awesome!

  3. I’m glad that you were able to attend the family picnic, to balance off the funeral.

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