I was laying in bed last night thinking about how to do a vacation wrap-up, when I thought about Bilbo Baggins putting the finishing touches on his adventure. Frodo is looking over Bilbo’s shoulder as he closes the book and reads the title, “There and Back Again.” An appropriate title for Bilbo’s adventure, and our vacation. Here are some highlights.

On our way through Utah, we decided to check out Margene’s favorite spot, Silver Lake. We didn’t see any moose (drats) but the scenery was spectacular.

With “home” in site, we took a road over the Cascades that we had never driven before, landing in one of our favorite spots. Can you guess where it is??

Many years ago now, the little town of Leavenworth, WA was about to go under. The city leaders came up with a plan to turn around their economy by turning their town into a Bavarian Village. Every store, business, hotel and even McDonald’s has a Bavarian theme…..the village is packed with tourists. Oompa bands play in the park while artists show their work. In May there is a May Pole festival, in October, Oktoberfest, and over Christmas this little Alpine village is THE place to be, with horse drawn sleighs and ringing bells. Unfortunately, my camera’s batteries died after taking just two pictures, so you’ll have to close your eyes and imagine….or better, check out their website!

We met up with the kids at one of our favorite haunts, The Keg, where son Alex serves tables. Brett and girlfriend Cora met us for dinner and we all had a blast before picking up some groceries and heading to the Lake. The kids beat us there and already had a fire going and marshmallows roasting (as well as wine flowing). I reminded myself that I had only a short time with the kids and there extended family of friends—-I could sleep when I got home 🙂 During our stay at the cabin, there was a fairly steady stream of 20 somethings, and more laughter than you can imagine. Here are a few pics:

And there was even some knitting!

Cora’s little sister Amelia cuddled up for a lesson…….

…….and did amazingly well!

My view from my ‘knitting spot’ on the deck….

……and signs of progress!

I always love spending time at this little cabin, it has been in my hubby’s family for probably more than 60 years now. It was first owned by his great aunt and uncle, and after they died, my father-in-law purchased it, ’round about 1984. Brad and I went there as teenagers, I met my future in-laws around a campfire there. In the archives, I have pictures of Brett, a pot- bellied 2 year old, standing on the end of the dock with a fishing pole. It is where I learned to row a boat, where we’ve spent Valentines Days and anniversary’s, and for many years we’ve spent July 4th there, watching fireworks explode all around the lake. Someday I hope to see my grandbabies learning to swim there, jumping off the end of the dock into the arms of a waiting grampa or uncle. I’m always sad to leave.

tomorrow we’ll talk about spinning wheels and raspberries.



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6 responses to “There…….

  1. Just got back from Silver Lake. We did a long hike up to Lake Solitude and then walked around Silver Lake on our return. We spotted a moose…could see him as he was sitting down in the willows but we did see his new antlers rather well.

  2. Oh and it sounds like you had a lovely trip. Your knitting spot is awesome!!

  3. Sounds like you had such a nice vacation! and such beautiful scenery!

    Is that a (soon to be) felted clog you’re knitting? I’ve just gotta try that someday! 😀

  4. Oh, that cabin sounds like a magical place indeed!! I’m glad you had such a good trip. 🙂

  5. Lisa, your vacation sounds awesome! Thanks for the welcome over on my blog. It’s a welcome back, really; I lived here once before, and I am so, so happy to be back. How about a meet-up at Green Valley one of these days?

  6. Great pics, as always, Lis, and I love the Hobbit reference!

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