A wee vacation update

No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth…..but the little cabin at the lake doesn’t even have a phone, let alone internet of any sort. You’ll just have to be patient, I’ll share details and photo’s when we make it home. In the meanwhile, I’m testing my Mom’s new computer and internet service, and I’ll see how I do loading a picture to tide you over.

This is what the lake looked like first thing this morning—-pretty, no?
I have pictures of knitting going on, pictures of cannonballs off the dock and pictures of the Puget Sound, but they will just have to wait until I have access to WiFi, or some such.

Tomorrow, I’m planning an excursion to Seattle, a visit to a couple yarn shops, and sometime this week I want to stop by the Alpaca farm, to see what I can see.

But now, it’s about time to head back to the lake for some ice cream and fresh raspberries (Have I mentioned that we have an acre of land leased out to a raspberry farmer??)



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9 responses to “A wee vacation update

  1. An enviable slice of heaven.

  2. Yea, raspberries!

    Enjoy your vacation!

  3. It looks soooo serene! *sigh*

    I had fresh picked raspberries on my cereal this morning! I

  4. That wonderfully peaceful place and raspberries, too? Are you sure you are coming back?

  5. That wonderfully peaceful place and raspberries, too? Are you sure you are coming back?

  6. That picture captures perfect grace. Ahhh… Glad you’re having a wonderful time!

  7. Thanks for the update. So glad you’re having a nice time – hope you come home nice and refreshed! (hopefully you come home! LOL! :o) )

  8. Hey Lisa….there is merino roving waiting for you, so you might put that into the equation of “come home, or not come home”.

  9. fabulous photo, as usual Lisa. Another reason to come home, Harry Potter number 6!!!–>

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