And the winner is…..

……………he reaches into the “hat”………………..

……….pulls out a winner………….

Holly, from right here in Colorado Springs! Congratulations Holly, and thanks for playing. The hand-dyed prize ‘o perfection will be on it’s way to you in three shakes of a lambs tail πŸ™‚

Here’s what I’ve learned from the contest:

1. Many of the people I thought would enter, didn’t .

2. People who have never left a comment did enter, and got all the questions right.

3. There are a whole lot of you out there reading my musings, but for whatever reason, you don’t want me to know.

4. A site meter can be an interesting addition.

5. It’s loads of fun to see who enters, and to meet all those who de-lurk for the possibility of a prize.

We will definitely do this again, perhaps with souvenirs from vacation (yarny ones, of course) as prizes.

In other news….the socks are done!

The pattern I had chosen for the next pair is too fiddly to do in the car, or while mildly inebriated and sitting in a lawnchair by the lake, so I’ve come up with a different plan. If it’s not going to work, will somebody please tell me before I spend hours in frustration??? I’ve found a nice little lace pattern, that I think will make cool socks, but the pattern is written for flat knitting (and not for socks at all). If, since I will be knitting the socks in the round, I knit every other row (say every odd row) opposite of what is written, will the pattern work out? I think it will, but I would really like a vote. Do you even think it’s worth it??

Tomorrow, bright and (kinda) early we will leave for our pilgrimage to the Pacific Northwest. I’m not sure how often I will have internet access and will be able to post. Now that I know there are more than 3 of you out there reading, I would be very sad if you abandoned me. Check in every few days, I’ll do what I can to provide a travel log of sorts. Blogging will return to normal ’round about the 24th of July, with a vacation report; good, bad and ugly.

Until then…….happy crafting!



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7 responses to “And the winner is…..

  1. That was fun! Have fun on your vacation!

  2. To switch to round knitting you need to read the wrong side rows from right to left as well as switching the knits and purls. If you want, I can change the pattern to the round for you… Of course if you pattern is just purled ont he wrong side row then you have it easy! Just holler if you want some help!

  3. Some lace patterns don’t give enough for socks and some will spiral around the leg and make it hard to do a foot on half the needles. The best way to know if the pattern you like will work is to give it a go. Trial and error are the best friends of a designer.

  4. Your socks are very lovely. Good job!
    Hope you guys have a great trip, lots of fun and relaxation, and of course, hope you get lots of good knitting done, with a wish you don’t have to tink anything! πŸ˜‰

  5. Great socks!

    I say just go for it on the lace pattern and see what happens. If it’s too wierd, well, that’s what ripping is for….and it can be done anyplace, esp after a few adult beverages!

  6. Yeah, just try it. If it looks wonky, you’ll find out fairly quickly. Have a good trip!

    Love sitemeter.

  7. Congrats, Holly!!

    Love those socks. Have fun on vacation!

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