Who knew??

The contest has been a real eye-opener. People that have never left a comment are entering the contest and a couple have gotten every answer right! Go figure. I had no idea that there were so many of you out there, reading, but incognito….so to speak. I’m actually thinking of another random contest, just to see how many comments I could get in one day……interesting thought.

Anyway, it has been a load of fun. I’ll bet some of you are waiting to see what the prize is before you bother to enter, so here ya go:

An 8oz skein of hand dyed woolly goodness, fresh from my pal Christy. The yarn is sport/dk weight, and very yummy. If, per chance, the winner is a pre-knitter (just can’t say non-knitter, why would anybody not want to knit???) there is a gift for Audible.com (you don’t need an Ipod, just a computer, and once you’ve downloaded your choice you can even burn it to cd). Each prize will be accompanied by a couple of my handmade beaded bookmarks. Remember to get your answers in by noon on Wednesday, so I can pop the prize in the mail before I head off on vacation.

Speaking of which, the plans are coming together. I talked to son #1 yesterday and the gang is anxious for us to get there. Our traditional 4th of July at the Lake should be a blast, somebody is bringing ribs (yipee, I won’t have to do it all!), and it looks like we’ll have a good crowd. We’ve got brunch on the calendar, another family bbq and a national park we’ve never been to on the way home. Now, if I can get the packing figured out…….

The weekend was wonderful; Friday’s date night consisted of grabbing a bite to eat and then watching the latest Zorro movie. Gotta love Netflix. Saturday I joined the KAW gals at the Black Kettle for some good knitting time. I once again discovered that one must pay attention whilst knitting the Jaywalker sockies, or one discovers anew the joys of tinking. Some of the gals came home with me for some more knitting time, and I ended the evening with Eva and Stephen, eating pizza and discovering a new wine.

Hubby spent the day at his office, working, but took a break and discovered this:

Earlier in the afternoon, Brad took a break and saw a new fawn with it’s mamma just outside the door. Later on he caught these two cuties napping on the steps—notice the traffic just a few feet away! Deer are not uncommon at the Air Force Academy, but this is the first set of fawns he’s seen lounging on the steps of the lab. Last week he came across his first rattlesnake (oh joy) while riding his mountain bike on one of the trails. He’s seen “evidence” of bears and mountain lions, but so far hasn’t come across any while riding.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with a note of progress. We are gradually approaching detente, at Black Sheep Central.

Kramer and Zorro are about the same size….Kramer would really like to just make friends and get on with life, but the cat, having never been exposed to dogs, is not so sure about that concept.

Here’s the scene this morning, the cat wanting to join me in the dining room. On the left is Jakes rump…..he couldn’t care less that Zorro is there, but when he lifted his fat lazy head to acknowledge the cat, Zorro returned the greeting by hissing at him. The cat just doesn’t get it.

But at least he has ventured up from the basement…….and that is progress.



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6 responses to “Who knew??

  1. There are always far more lurkers on the blogs than commenters…close to 100 times as many!
    We may have moose but we have nothing on you…cute little deer!

  2. Oh, cute fawns. Brad gets “blog fodder” – it’s fun when the other half gets into the spirit of blogging.

    Maybe your next contest can be “the lurker who comments first”

  3. Glad you had a good weekend. Those fawns are cute. At first I thought they were foxes. We had a fox run thru our yard a few weeks ago. 🙂 That yarn is really beautiful, by the way.
    I don’t always comment on people’s blogs because I read a bazillion of them! I’d never get done! I love to read blogs! 🙂 You have a nice blog by the way. 🙂
    Have a great day!

  4. ARGH. Bloglines has been having issues with Blogger blogs the past several days, and this is the first I’ve seen of your contest! ARGH.

    The picture of the fawns is wonderful – Cute Overload material there. 🙂

    Go, Zorro! Be brave. You can do it.

  5. Love the yarn!!! And the fawns! Where’s their mommy? They are so tiny, my daughter and I thought they were kitties at first. Cute overload is right!

    Go Zorro! I was telling Chris (comment above) today that we had great success integrating nervous cats with the Feliway diffuser. Feel free to email me if you have questions!

    You’re the star of my blog today!

  6. Those fawns are way too cute (I thought they were bunnies at first glance). I can’t believe they are just hanging out there in the middle of everything.

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