I’m outta here!

I’m going to try to make this quick, since we’re trying to get out the door and on the road to Estes Park…….it seems like no matter how organized you think you are, how may lists you have, there’s always a rush at the last minute.

Yesterday, Linda and I took the nastydirty merino fleece to Leighton Farms Fiber Mill in Victor. This is a very small operation, with a cute little storefront in what is very nearly a ghost town. It was a beautiful drive up and back, with a stop in Cripple Creek for lunch on the way back.

If I had time, I’d tell you all about how nice the guy was, how we pet all the roving in the store and how he was practically giving it away. I would tell you that I came away with some Romney roving, in a gorgeous charcoal gray, how Linda bought three little balls of fluff and all about the shop cat in the antique place next door. I’d wax on about the quick search through an antique mall, here in town, on search for a yarn vender we heard was there, and how Linda bought some new Addi’s.

But I can’t do any of that this morning. This morning, I’ve got to get the food to the cooler, that and all the other paraphenalia required for a camping trip out to the camper and van, and get outta Dodge. I’m looking forward to a full, but relaxing weekend, in the mountains, and I’m sure I’ll have lots and lots to ‘show and tell’ when we get back.

Here’s one parting shot, because it’s Friday and I’m in a hurry (sorry ’bout that)

……totally not my photo (it’s off the Wool Market site), but how cute is that??? And two of my favorite kind of beastie.

Have a wonderful Fathers Day Weekend (call your Dad). Be sure to tune in next week for all the weekend’s news…….and my FIRST contest (yes, with a prize).



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4 responses to “I’m outta here!

  1. Is that an elk checking out some alpacas?! Cool.

    Have a great weekend! Looking forward to your report on Estes. 🙂

  2. PBnJ

    Oooh! Drool. I wish I could go to Estes this year! And I’d love to check out that place in Victor. Sounds lovely!

  3. It was sooo great to meet you in person on Saturday!

    I’ll be very interested to hear your experiences with this fleece processor!

  4. Waiting…..waiting….waiting….

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