I don’t know about you, but I’m a list maker. This morning, I’m surrounded by bits of paper and post-it’s; lists of what I need to collect from the grocery, lists of what needs to make it into the camper or van, lists of what to have for meals while we’re camping. And then there are the lists of possible routes to take to Washington and back. I should probably make a list of what to tell our house sitter. I love being able to check things off, but for now……..well, for now there are only the endless bits and scraps of paper, reminding me that I should be doing something productive.

I realized this morning, while I was enjoying my coffee and watching W hold his Rose Garden press conference, that today is my day to get things done. Tomorrow will be taken up with delivering our merino fleeces to a mill in Victor, and we will leave Friday morning for Estes. Any minute, the glass guy should be here to replace my broken windshield (which I’ve been putting off until all danger of snow had passed). This afternoon, I have a haircut scheduled, and a few errands after that. So this morning, I’m making lists, and doing laundry.

Lists are interesting. Even when I was a busy working woman, and relied heavily on my Palm Pilot, I made lists. Something about writing it down, seeing it on paper, helps me collect my thoughts and prioritize. When I need to process how I’m feeling about things, I write it all down. When weighing a major purchase decision, I make lists of pro’s and con’s. Seeing things on paper brings a modicum of clarity.

Earlier this year, I made a list of what I wanted to knit in the next six months, as well as what I wanted to read and what I wanted to do. Without looking, I can tell you that some things I can check off, and others have been put off in favor of a more attractive option.

Do you make lists?? What is on your list?

And now a New Word: gasconade (gas-kuh-nod) is a noun which means bravado or exaggerated boasting. Apparently, the citizens of Gascon in southwestern France have been known for their bragging and boasting, a reputation that has been immortalized in such books as The Three Musketeers and Cyrano de Bergerac. Linguistically the word is linked to the word gascon which means braggart.

And don’t we all know a few of those.

And now I really have to get to it. Pop on over and wish Stephanie a Happy Birthday today, and I’ll talk at you later!



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4 responses to “Lists

  1. I’m so happy you got to use the word of the day on my blog! Enjoy checking off your list today.

  2. Um, Lisa, I don’t know how to tell you this…
    the danger of snow never really “passes” here in Colorado.

  3. Gasconade. I like it – thanks!

    I’m a list maker, too. Even tho I have a PDA, I need to have the little scraps of paper everywhere. “If you don’t have a memory, you must create it from paper.”

  4. Hooray for lists! You know how I am… Now that school is done for a bit I have a monumental amount of stuff on my “list of crap to do”… The difference is that this is all fun stuff! Again, Hooray for lists! And, Hooray for your visit, I am so excited!

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