One down….

You’d think that with the busy week I have scheduled, I’d have lots to talk about. Not so. Most of what’s going on here is the planning that must happen before a camping trip, (like the one to Estes Park this weekend), or before a road trip (like the pilgrimage to Washington at the end of the month). I’ve been thinking a lot about what to bring in the way of food this weekend, what route to take to WA, how long we will get to stay, and how much knitting I can get done on the road.

Speaking of getting knitting done, Trekking sock number 1 is complete!

I finished it up yesterday afternoon while listening to the current Cast-On episode.

I did have to tink the toe, but the third time was indeed successful (if a bit fiddley). As soon as I had woven in the ends, I cast on the second sock, and before I went to bed I had made a bit of progress. I have to say, that for the first time in a couple years, I’m actually enjoying socks. The combination of the Trekking XXL and the Jaywalker pattern have been delightful. As you saw the other day, I’ve got two more balls of Trekking on deck and I’ve even got a pattern in mind for the next pair. Thanks, Margene and Norma for the push.

With that, I’m off to the events of the day. Make it a good one!



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4 responses to “One down….

  1. It’s a gorgeous sock!!

    Trip planning is fun – I’ve read that the planning and anticipation are a huge part of what people enjoy about trips.

  2. I am so excited for you two to come up here… what is going to happen to the ghetto camper?
    P.S. I agree with Chris, I love to plan things… as you know 🙂

  3. The sock is looking great! I see more Trekking socks in our future;-)

  4. Love the sock. I am, of course, very fond of Trekking. That zero stitches got knit today and yesterday is besides the point.

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