Let’s Talk Llama’s

It is on Monday mornings like this, that I am ever so glad that I don’t have to spring out of bed and go to work. We had a full weekend, and at this time of year, when the days are warm and much time is spent outside, I’m just flat worn out come Sunday night. I’ll leave it to you to scroll down and catch up on Saturday’s Knit in Public Day. Let’s talk llama’s.

Yesterday, after church, Brad and I headed north to Ellen’s beautiful little farm, to take part in the llama shearing. When we arrived, they were about half done….Apollo was already sporting a new summer cut, Einstein was in the chute……

………………and Lone Star was on deck. Linda was there, as well as some other friends of Ellen and Jan’s. Ellen’s mother is visiting from Holland, it was a delight to meet her. As far as fiber, not much of it is worth spinning, except, perhaps for a felting project. Of Ellen’s three fella’s, Apollo’s fleece was the best, but there is not much of it.

The horses came for a cuddle……..

…………….relieved, no doubt, that they were not the center of attention on this day.

After the llama’s were back in their ample paddock, we had a lovely lunch and then a hike through the scrub oak that grows in abundance in this part of the state.

Thank you Ellen and Jan for the fun day!

We headed back to the Springs, to join our good friends for dinner. Eva is hosting friends from Germany, and we had such a good time. As always, Eva outdid herself, preparingg a fabulous meal.

Little Dude, of course, thought Mister Brad was there just to see him……I think they wore each other out. While we women lingered over wine, Mister Brad did bubble bath, and the menfolk cleaned the kitchen….sweet.

Okay…on to a little knitting news. Although both Linda and I had our Trekking socks with us at Ellen’s….they did not join us for the hike. I’m on my second go at the toe on sock number one, and sad to say, I may have to make another go. Since I am using two circulars, I need to adapt the directions, and, at least in regards to the toe, I have stuck out once and probably twice. We’ll take another look at it this afternoon.

And now, I’ve got to get moving—have a great day!



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3 responses to “Let’s Talk Llama’s

  1. I love that part of the state. I wondered how they sheared llamas – a chute instead of being put on the ground. Interesting. Now I know.

  2. I love weekends like that! My sock got little (well, NO) attention this weekend.:-(

  3. Ooo, it’s so nice when the men take over the kitchen clean-up. sorry you didn’t get to finish your toe. I do feel your pain when it comes to toes. 😦

    It’s great that you had the time to go experience the llama shearing. I’ve sheared many a sheep and goat in my day, but I haven’t yet sheared a llama.

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