Special Edition

Images from World Wide Knit in Public Day, Colorado Springs:

Sock progress!

The park was almost a little cool, but we had a blast! As things wound down, Linda, Kirsten and I decided on lunch and a trip to the newest LYS (still not all that local), Ruxtan Avenue Fibers. It’s tucked away on a little side street in artsy fartsy Manitou Springs. Lovely little shop, very nice owner, and a discount program. Handpainted yarns, handspun yarns, and several commercially prepared yarns—-good selection of books, too. And fiber.

We took pictures……

Lest you think I came away empty handed……

……..two more balls of Trekking XXL (#78 for July and #69 for August—-unless I’m really sick of socks by then). The soft gray fibery goodness is 7oz of baby alpaca that begged to come home with me (how can you say no to baby alpaca, hmmm?) I could have bought so much more…….

…………..but then what would I buy at Estes Park, I ask you??



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4 responses to “Special Edition

  1. Lovely day, it looks like!

    I’m liking how my 78 is knitting up. I have to make sure I don’t finish it this month. 🙂

    I have every faith that you will find something to buy at Estes Park!!!

  2. Oh goodie! she’s got trekking! We didn’t browse too much while there the first time.

  3. There is ALWAYS stuff to be coveted from fiber festivals, no matter what has been bought before. That alpaca IS yum.

  4. I love Acacia Park – and a place with Trekking available. Hmm. I may have to visit my folks in July.

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