Countdown to Vacation

I’ve spent the morning looking at the atlas, and making plans for our pilgrimage to the Pacific Northwest that’s coming up in the first part of July. It’s always a bit of a mixed bag, these trips to the homeland; we get to see our family, spend time at the lake, eat seafood where you can see the sea, and have an opportunity to buy coffee every few blocks. The downside is that someone inevitably gets their nose out of joint, their expectations unmet, and that brings a level of stress to the whole shebang. It seems that no matter how careful the planning, you just can’t please everybody—-and have a restful vacation. So, this morning I’ve been thinking about routes and reservations.

The other big news here is that we bought a new camper last night (no photo’s yet, as it is tucked away in the garage).

Now, I grew up in a home where vacations were road trips and motels—-with pools. Until I met my husband I had never been camping. Ever. DH used to tease that a campsite had to have flush toilets and a plug for my blow dryer before I would stay there. Over the years I’ve grown to love camping–with or without the afore mentioned amenities. In fact, I really prefer those locations without all the extra’s…they are quieter and more restful.

In 2000 we had a big family campout planned—there were 20 plus of us meeting up in Glacier National Park and then moving to the Grand Tetons—a two week reunion plus travel time to get there and back. During the planning stage, I decided that I was getting too old, and two weeks was too long to sleep on the ground in the tent. After a bit of searching, we found an older pop-up style camper and bought it, just a day or two before the trip.

It was wonderful. We arrived late on a Sunday night, and until we left Glacier the following Sunday, it poured rain every single day—except for two. DH’s parents had an RV—-aside from us, everyone had tents. And were wet. That first year we spent over a months worth of nights in our little camper, and have used it every chance we get. In the last few years, it has been affectionately called the “ghetto camper”—it’s getting old and it’s got, shall we say, issues.

For the last couple years we’ve been thinking about upgrading, but we couldn’t really find something we liked, or we didn’t want to spend the money. On Monday night, DH came home and told me that one of the guys he works with was selling his (much newer) pop-up camper. We took a look at it on Tuesday, and it was very nice. The storage is different than what we are used to, and financially, the timing was bad. But the more we thought about it……..we decided to look at it again. Yesterday afternoon we met up and took another, longer, more thoughtful look, and decided that the positives outweighed any negatives. It is now parked in the garage. We will take it to Rocky Mountain National Park next Friday for the Estes Park Wool Market. As in all new relationships, it will take time to get used to it, but I fully expect to develop the same deep love for this new camper as I have for the ghetto camper. We’ve had many, many wonderful trips in the past, and I have every reason to believe that we will have many years of fun in this new camper.

So, with that in mind… me bid a loving farewell to the ghetto camper, with this Favorite Foto: (sniff)



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4 responses to “Countdown to Vacation

  1. I grew up camping. Sleep on the ground sans and avec tent. Smith and I still camp that way (when we camp). As long as I have a good mattress I can enjoy camping today.
    Your camper has served you well. Will it go to someone else to love and enjoy?

  2. Goodbye, Ghetto Campter – I hope you move along to someone else, now.

    Congrats on the new camper – looking forward to picture!

    I took the first steps toward moving my site today. 🙂

  3. I love your ghetto camper, it’s so cute. Feel free to roll it over to my house, where it will be taken care of and used with great glee…

    I’m only partly kidding. What are it’s “issues”?

  4. We’ve been talking about a pop-up camper for 6 yrs now. I’ll have to get all the details from you next weekend. You might push us over the edge. Which, when you think about it, is only fair.

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