Stand Off

With my late post yesterday, I figured I’d have nothing to write about today.

Wrong. Although if you’re looking for knitting content, you might as well skip today’s post and come back tomorrow. Today, we have animal news.

If you’ve been keeping up, you’ll remember that we’ve had a cat join us. Zorro, who has been here a week, has up until today not ventured from the basement. In fact, he’s not climbed the stairs, to my knowledge. Last night, I wandered downstairs to chat with DH, and Zorro, who has been friendly, but not demonstrative, hopped into my lap for a cuddle and a scratch—-purring for the first time since his arrival. Progress, thinks I. Somehow, I’d forgotten to close the door when I went down the stairs and before long, Kramer came for a look. Zorro hissed, Kramer went back upstairs, end of story.

Until this morning. I was walking by the door to the basement when I heard Zorro meowing at the top of the stairs. Kramer, of course, was all interest.

Okay, I think. Perhaps the basement dweller would like to come out of hiding. Now the dogs know about cats….we used to have a cat, and everybody got along (after they got used to each other). Zorro, on the other hand, has not lived with a dog. What we have now is a good, old fashioned stand off.

You can tell that the poor kitty would really like to leave the basement, have some company, explore the rest of the house. He sits at the top of the stairs, alternately looking up, and then back down, wanting to leave, yet afraid of what is on the other side of the doorway. His posture is defensive, yet his meowing sounds like he longs for company.

Jake, is curious, but really couldn’t care less. Kramer, the ever watchful, territorial and vigilant terrier, is not really ready to give ground yet.

Zorro has gotten as far as 10 or so feet from the door, but misinterprets the dogs curiosity for a threat and hisses at them while he returns to the safety of the stairs.

I know it’s just a matter of time until we’re all one big happy family…..but the process can be interesting, none the less.

Okay, now for a New Word……objet trouve’, (ob-zhay troo-vay), is a noun which means a found natural or discarded object (as a piece of driftwood or an old bathtub) held to have aesthetic value. The word, as you may have guessed, comes from the French where it literally means a “found object.” Apparently the word entered the 20th century vernacular when surrealists and other modern artists challenged the long held belief that art must be the product of human effort, and argued that a natural object could be art if it was recognized to be aesthetically pleasing. Although the intent was to recognize as art naturally formed objects, the term has been extended to mean any found object—driftwood, toilets, wrecked cars, etc—that is displayed as art.

I’m thinking right now about stash, particularly my new hand spun yarn. Last night as I was clearing things from the table. I held the yarn for a moment, not wanting to put it away, but keep it close where I could look at it—–an objet trouve’ perhaps. Most of my stash is in a basket in my family room, visible to anyone, and is aesthetically pleasing, if only to me. I have seen toilets used as planters, horse troughs full of flowers and old wagon wheels displayed as art. I’ve brought home countless rocks and sea shells, each an objet trouve’. What about a bowl full of apples, or the pine cones littered around my house? I’m sure each of you has an example of your own.

Now, back to the stand off.



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2 responses to “Stand Off

  1. Don’t you just love the ears of a schnauzer when they are at attention or curious?
    Good luck in your detente.

  2. Oh, the suspense – what progress has been made on the stand off.

    That’s a good word. I’m not going to remember it in 2 minutes, but it’s a good word anyway!

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